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Tone your tum!

Again this is something from Wintour (if you want a copy email me @lolliexforever@hotmail.co.uk and I'll have one sent to you).

It's never too early to start working out for that perfect summer bod. If you want to tone your stomach, without actually making your muscles larger, then these exercises are perfect for you. You can do them at home on your own, or with groups of friends. By doing these short and easy exercises everyday you’ll have a toned tum in no time!

In actual fact, sit ups do very little to tone your stomach, but thankfully, these five simple exercises do!

The Basic Crunch
Tones your upper abs
1.       Lie flat on your back with your knees bent
2.       Cross your arms across your chest
3.       Use your abs to slowly raise yourself off the ground whilst pushing into the floor with your lower back
4.       Exhale slowly as you reach the top of the crunch and inhale as you gently lower yourself to the floor
5.       Repeat this 20 times
6.       Perform three sets of crunches with one minute breaks in between
7.       Repeat daily
TIP: You should cross your arms on your chest instead of putting your hands behind your neck to prevent neck strain. It also makes sure you only use your abs, so you get the best results possible from this exercise!

The Reverse Crunch
Tones your lower abs
1.       Lie on your back with your legs in the air, your knees slightly bent and your ankles crossed
2.       Place your hands on the floor alongside you, palms facing down
3.       Keeping your back straight, slowly raise your hips about 10cm off the floor
4.       Hold this position for 5 seconds whilst really squeezing your abdominal muscles
5.       Lower yourself to the floor slowly
6.       Repeat this 20 times
7.       Perform three sets of reverse crunches with one breaks in between
8.       Repeat daily
TIP: If you find this exercise very difficult, uncross your ankles.

The Chair Knee Lift
Tones your lower abs
1.       Sit upright in a chair with your hands on a desk in front of you.
2.       Slowly lift your knees up to your chest
3.       Hold for 10 seconds
4.       Lower your knees, placing your feet flat on the floor
5.       Repeat 20 times
6.       Perform 3 more sets of knee lifts with a 1 minute rest in between each set
7.       Repeat daily
TIP: You may find it easier to grip the sides of your chair instead of placing them on a desk in front of you.

The Transfer
Tones both upper and lower abs
You will need an exercise ball
1.       Sit on the floor and place an exercise ball between your calves and squeeze tightly
2.       Lower your upper body to the floor and place your arms above your head, palms up
3.       Slowly lift your upper and lower body, at the same time, to form a ‘V’ shape
4.       Pass the ball from your legs to your arms
5.       Now holding the ball in your hands, lower yourself slowly until you’re lying flat on the floor again
6.       Repeat 20 times, passing the ball from your feet to your hands, then from your hands to your feet
7.       Perform daily to tone your entire stomach
TIP: If you don’t have an exercise ball at home, you can still do this exercise. Even without the ball this exercise is still great for toning your abs!

The Leg Throw
Tones your lower abs
You’ll need a friend to help you
1.       Lie flat on your back and get your friend to stand with their legs slightly apart just above your head
2.       Raise your arms above head and grasp your friend’s ankles
3.       Keeping your legs straight slowly lift your legs up  to a 90o angle
4.       Get your friend to lean slightly forward and push your legs, quite hard, down to
5.       Use your lower ab muscles  to resist the push and  stop your legs just before they touch the ground
6.       Lift your legs up to a 90o angle again and get your friend to push them down
7.       Repeat 20 times
8.       Perform daily
TIP: If you’re doing this alone at home, place your hands under your bum and lift your legs up to a 90o angle. Lower them slowly, but do not let your feet touch the ground. Repeat 20 times.
If you want to tone the sides of your stomach, get your friend to throw your legs slightly to one side, and then the other. Repeat as before.

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