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Mini's out! Maxi's in!

Ok so this is an article that I wrote for Wintour, our school fashion magazine. I'm not really into the whole maxi skirt thing but A-line's are so in.

That’s right! Say goodbye to the mini and welcome the maxi to your wardrobe this season. The great thing about this trend is that you can wear it whatever the mood, whatever the occasion, whatever the weather. If it’s looking cold out, wear a thicker, woollen full length skirt, but if it’s looking quite warm wear either a thin, chiffron maxi skirt, or a slightly shorter midi or a-line skirt. There are countless skirts of these styles on sale now with various designs and embellishments to spice up your new look. If you’re going to work and need to look serious wear plain skirts in either a dark or nude colour; however, if you’re going for a day in the park, choose brighter colours and patterns for a more playful feel.

The Gypsy Skirt
The gypsy skirt is amazing and is so in this year, not to mention all the different colours and patterns they come in! The gypsy skirt style is reminiscent of the 70′s look which is making a clear comeback this season. They can be worn by both heavy and slim women, and should be worn with tank tops so that the features of the skirt are not masked by a busy top half.

The A-Line Skirt
A-line skirts are high-waisted midi skirts that can be either tight or loose fitting. These skirts are great for accentuating your waist and making you look slimmer. You can pair your a-line skirt with a loose fitting shirt or a tighter vest top, it depends on what look you’re going for, but both are equally fashionable. A-line skirts look even better when topped with a nice belt, chunky or thin, plain or with embellishments.

The Boho Skirt
Boho skirts  are designed to accentuate legs and curves. Tight skirts highlight your curves and shape to give the illusion of long legs, which is a plus for shorter women. Boho skirts are generally worn quite low on the hips which can be quite effective for curvier women.

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