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Ok so here is my very poor attempt at photo editing (sorry if you're the girl in this photo... I got it off google). This photo must have taken me less than 3 minutes to edit and now her skin is almost spotless, so I, myself, can prove just how easy it is to get away with doing something such as this. I confess to editing the ocassional facebook photograph just so I can wipe that awful spot from my memory, but never would I do what professional editors do and take off whole chunks of my body.

Anyways, the point of this post is to discuss the ethics of photo editing in the modeling industry. I discussed this issue in my PSHE lesssons and frankly the lengths that magazine editors will go to to have the 'perfect' cover girl is shocking. I hope the photo editors realise how much of an impact that these new skinny images of models are having on young girls. In my school there are LOADS of anorexic girls. It's sad, but unfortunately that's just the way it is. I really think something needs to be done about this.

    Take these four models for example.  

Now this is just getting ridiculous. If you have to edit the plus side models to look skinner then what's the point in having a plus size model at all?

Ok, so perhaps this woman's face does have a couple of wrinkles, but who doesn't at her age? Hell, I've even got a couple of wrinkles!

Even Kim Kardashian?! Just look at the difference in her legs, that slight stomach bulge and her skin colour/complexion! It is truly shameful how celebrities' photos are edited to make themselves look skinnier and prettier. Half of these people aren't even famous for their looks so it probably wouldn't even make a difference whether or or not they had just the tiniest bit of fat on them. Kim Kardashian is loved for her curvy body so it's completely unethical to edit her body so that she looks slimmer too. It's giving the public really false impressions. If even the people famous for being curvy are being edited then the 'curvy' size will gradually be reduced and reduced until eventually it's not 'curvy' at all. 

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  1. Thats really smart putting that up more people should know that majority of the time, people on magazine's or photo shoots have been photo edited and that should be more open and aware...there are lots of girls starving themselves to try and look like them when really in reality the cover girl of that certain magazine could be curved or fat and not skinny (long Rant D= )

  2. I know! It's really saddening because I know that lots of peole in my year are anorexic and I'm really worried for them. I think that some magazines and photographers should really be ashamed of themselves... I've added some more photos to this article ...


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