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Skins is back.

Skins will be returning to our screens with a whole new cast on Monday the 27th of January. Recognise any of them? No? Look a little closer... 'Franky' (second from the left) is in fact Dakota Blue Richards or 'Lyra' from The Golden Compass. I've got to say that's quite a leap. Then again it has been four years. Of course in the middle you may have seen her in 'Dustin Baby' and 'The Secret of Moonacre', but still. Shock. Anyways. I was slightly disappointed when the new cast was unveiled because WHERE ARE THE FITT GUYS?! In Series 1/2 we had Nicholas Hoult AND  Mitch Hewer, season 3/4 Luke Pasqualino but series 5 appears to be a bit of a let down in the hot boy department. Maybe Alexander Arnold who plays Rich Hardbeck? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Here's one of their trailers: 

I'm sorry, what? ALL I SEE IS A LOAD OF NAKED PEOPLE FALLING FROM THE SKY. Don't get me wrong 'Skins' is one of my favourite TV shows, but it has really gone down in standard since the first series. There is hope; however, for this series! It has been confirmed that Dev Patel and Nicholas Hoult will be appearing in this series. I'm feeling better already.

So, after watching the entire series, I have come to the conclusion that the guys aren't that bad. Especially Alexander Arnold, who plays Rich Hardbeck. I mean, once he cut his hair, he was pretty good looking! I didn't see Nicholas Hoult or Dev Patel in this series, perhaps they will be in the next, or maybe it was just a hoax. Either way, that's disappointing.

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