Movies to Watch: January 2011

Morning Glory.

Well I thought that this movie would be really good, and I also thought it was a rom-com, but it wasn't really. To be honest I thought it was more of a work-based drama which didn't hold my attention. I thought it would be really good because I really admire Rachel McAdams but this movie didn't really have anything to offer. It's the story of a new tv-producer and how she makes the show 'Daybreak' really great and how she changes one of the tv presenters from a sour old man into a kind frying-pan weilding grandaddy type figure. To be honest I don't even remember what happens in this movie. That's how much of an impact it made on me. I don't like the way that she sacrifices her relationship for her job because I think that that isn't necessary in this day and age. Now maybe if I watch it again and I pay a bit more attention I might understand it more and maybe it'll grow on me, but I have to say. I'm disappointed.

Black Swan.

Black swan is an incredible movie, which not only brings to life the harsh reality of the ballet industry but also an incredible story in itself. Natalie Portman is absolutely brilliant in this movie. In my opinion she does a great job of performing as the black swan and the white swan contrary to what the director of the show says. It's also so great to see that Portman does the ballet herself with only some of the more difficult maneuvers being done by a stunt double. This story has some pretty horrific scenes and definintely isn't for those who are squeamish. This is the story of a girl who plays the main part in 'Swan Lake' but ends up competing another dancer for the role as she is only good at dancing the white swan's part and the other girl is only good at dancing the black swan's part. This movie is up for 12 Bafta nominations and is definitely worth seeing!

The King's Speech

The King's Speech is such an emotional true story about King George VI and his speech problems, particularly his stutter. This movie is made up of some of the best actors and actresses including Collin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helen Bonham-Carter.

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  1. Oooh we so want to watch Black Swan!
    Keep it up with your blog and thanks for sharing!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls

  2. Your blog is a great read!

    Still yet to see The King's Speech. Colin Firth is such a talent

  3. WOW that (Black Swan) is the most generic review I have ever read in my entire life I think a 5th grader only half there could have written a more exciting review!

  4. As you will have noticed this was posted when I first started blogging. I'd like to think that my reviews have improved slightly by now.


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