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Dinner for SchmucksTim’s boss hosts a monthly event in which the guest who brings the biggest idiot gets a promotion. He declines the invitation at first, but he changes his mind when he meets Barry, a man who builds dioramas using stuffed mice, one example being the ‘Mousa Lisa’. However, Barry's good intentions send Tim's life into chaos also threatening his engagement.Starring Paul Rudd and Steve CarellRelease Date: 4th January 2011, £14.99

Going the DistanceA romantic comedy about how a guy and a girl try to keep their love alive even though they live on opposite sides of the States. They shuttle back and forth between New York and San Francisco to see one another as they cannot find jobs in the same city.Starring Drew Barrymore and Justin LongRelease Date: 31st January 2011, £9.97

The Other GuysDetectives Chris and P. K. are the most famous cops in the city; however, there are two wannabe heroes: Allen and Terry, who just want their chance to shine too. A small case falls into their lap which ends up being very high-profile, it's the opportunity they’ve been waiting for, but do they have what it takes?Starring Will Ferrell and Mark WahlbergRelease Date: 24th January 2011, £11.99

Merlin Series 3BBC’s Merlin returned for an exciting third series in 2010, and now you can watch it all again with the complete DVD Box set! Relive Merlin adventures as he continues his struggle to protect Prince Arthur from the various evil creatures and sorcerers that seek to destroy the heir of Camelot.Release Date: 24th January 2011, £34.99

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