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Gilly Hicks has arrived!

Gilly Hicks, Abercrombie's 'cheeky' cousin has finally opened in London! Yes, I'm a bit behind and this may be old news to some but whatever. For those of you who don't know, Gilly Hicks is famous for it's underwear. The clothes they sell are basically the same style as your typical A&F attire except there is a little GH in the corner instead of a moose. They're underwear is beautiful but waay overpriced, but then again, so is the majority of all things Abercrombie. On the 29th of Novemeber 2010 Gilly Hicks opened it's first store in Westfield, London. If you haven't visited the store yet, you must at the nearest opportunity! Even if you don't buy anything the design of the store itself is enough to keep you satisfied. Just as Hollister looks like a beach hut, Gilly Hicks is equally (if not more) extravagant with several collums lining the outside of the store. That's right. Collums.

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