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127 hours.

Last night I watched 127 hours. I'd heard that it was an incredible movie, but if I'm perfectly honest I thought it was a man who liked to climb rocks, because that's what the movie poster suggests, and as the movie started it seemed to suggest the same thing. However, then the main character, Aron Ralston, fell down the a crack in Blue Canyon and got his arm jammed under a falling boulder. My first thought was 'F***! That's gotta be painful.' and he wasn't even screaming! Then I thought, what could this movie possibly be about? How could you fill one and a half hours with the story of a man trapped by a boulder waiting to be rescued? But, I have to say, it was the most incredibly inspiring story. James Franco, who plays Aron Ralston, did an incredible job. Essentially the film is all about him, because he's the only person stuck in the crack in a rock. As he's stuck there he reflects upon some important moments in his life and he records some video clips with messages for the people he loves in case the tape is ever found. He tries and he tries to get himself free but eventually he has to accept the fact that he's never going to move the boulder, and even he could his arm would be useless after days without circulation, so he faces the only option left. Amputating his own arm. This was the most shockingly disturbing thing I've ever seen. I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat with my face in my hands, peeking every now and again. Watching a man cutting his own arm off is difficult, so a big thumbs up to James Franco who did a brilliant job of acting it. The film ends with Aron making it out of the crack and being airlifted to hospital. This truly is an inspirational movie (one would expect nothing less from Danny Boyle) but probably not for everyone as it is slightly shocking. The thing that makes this movie all the more emotional is that it's a true story. Aron continued to climb even after his accident and his first child was born in February 2010. This movie was released in Novemeber USA, but is new to British screens. Now go and watch it!

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  1. omg, my classmate gave me a copy of this movie.. :)

    lol, if I was in Aron's position, I would have felt like how he did, but I'd die without trying.. and I would not eat the contact lens ~(a_a~)

  2. Very inspirational film! The last 25 minutes are incredible, and Franco is superb. Can't wait to see it again actually.


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