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True Blood.

True Blood has finally returned to our screens for it's fourth season and I'm glad to say that it's getting back on track after last season's less than satisfying finale. We were given an eight minute taster of the opening episode of season four a week before it officially premiered and I have to say it left me a little confused. Granted I don't remember all the details of the last season but none-the-less it could've been better.

I'm not sure if I'm going to like this new season as much as some of the previous ones. The character's have started to grow apart and the plot seems to be separating into smaller sub stories instead of a whole. With characters living in different places and different parts everything seems to be becoming more and more detached. There's also the issue of Sookie spending ten minutes in fairy land and coming back to the real world to find she's actually been missing for a year. During this year a lot has changed and I don't believe that they've done a very good job of explaining how all the characters have got to their current situations.

All in all, it's been a confusing start to the series and I sincerely hope that things become clearer in future episodes. Unfortunately 'True Blood' has been going downhilll since it premiered in 2008. However, many television shows have made awesome turnarounds mid-season and I'm hoping to see the same from this.

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  1. I am watching it too. And I am attracted to whats going on. Its starting to connect to each other a little bit more than last season.thanks for another review..you might like my book review blog:http://bookweekgeek.blogspot.com/
    or http://rockingfem.blogspot.com/
    Thanks for the review <3


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