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Spring Scents

So I was lucky enough to be sent three goreous samples of scents perfect for the spring season. Again, this is something I wrote for Wintour.

Available Nationwide : £59.50 50ml
Dutch designers Victor & Rolf have designed this gorgeous scent based on their fascination of flowers. They wanted to create a flower ‘bomb’ and they’ve certainly succeeded in squeezing the fragrance of a thousand petals into one bottle of perfume!  This distinctly couture smell is a mix of different scents including jasmine, orange tree, orchid, freesia, rose and many others which perhaps shouldn’t go together, but somehow Victor & Rolf make it work. Despite the fact that the bottle is shaped like a hand grenade, the perfume inside is very feminine. Flowerbomb is a play on opposites, and with the perfect balance between purity and fantasy, is a must have fragrance for spring!

Available at Boots: £33.00 30ml,
£44.50 50ml and £59.50 100ml
Inspired by a rose, Stella McCartney’s premier fragrance is pure perfection as it captures the contrast of fragility and strength. The mix of pure rose essence with mysterious and dark amber, create an instant addiction to this seductive scent.  The amethyst colouring of the bottle creates the illusion of something feminine yet sharp and its jewel like qualities of it make the bottle all the more precious. This perfume is all about contrasts as femininity is fused with sharpness, softness and edginess, the extravert and the delicate and the vintage with the modern. Stella creates the perfect balance of everything you’d ever need from a fragrance.

Exclusive to Selfridges: £45.00 30ml,
 £59.50 50ml and £79.50 75ml

Maison Martin Margiela’s first perfume is named ‘untitled’, which is very mysterious and does not leave any hint of who the creator is or what inspired it. This leaves the perfume bare so we can really appreciate the scent without any fancy packaging or extravagant branding. The important thing here is the product itself which is predominantly made up of woody, green, floral scents contrasting with the jasmine and cedar wood base tones. The minimal architecture of the bottle is unique with a round stopper and a neck tied with simple white string. Maison Martin Margiela simplistic approach to fragrance design is intriguing.

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