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Better With You.

Okay so this isn't really a new show, in fact it's nearing the end of it's first season in the US, but it is fairly new in the UK and it's new to me, so here goes. Better With You is one of the funniest new comedies out there. The majority of new US comedies seem to feature 6 people, 3 boys, 3 girls; or something around that number after the hugely successful 'Friend's, which everyone has watched, and this one is no different. However, this one is not centered around a group of friends, but a family, and three couples in that family. There is a mother, a father, two daughters, and their boyfriends.

I think that for the most part the comedy is generated by the comparisons between the 3 couples. At the beginning Mia and Casey have been together for 7 weeks, Maddie and Ben for 9 years, and Joel and Vicky for 35 years, so of course there are huge differences between their relationships. In addition, they are all very different couples so watching how three couples handle the same situation is hilarious. I think this romantic sitcom should be liked by everyone. It will appeal to all generations, even the oldies, because they'll know what it's like to have been married for 35 years!

It has been nominated for 'Favourite New TV Comedy' at the People's Choice Awards 2011 which shows it is well liked. I highly recommend this comedy to anyone, even if you haven't watched it from the beginning of the series I'm sure that people will be able to pick it up right from the middle, it's pretty self explanatory. It was written by the 'Friends' writer so you can expect the same high level of comedy, but in a new and different situation.

It is broadcast on ABC in the US and 5* in the UK. Happy watching!

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  1. xD
    Thanks for the review. :D
    I think I will download it. :D
    Still isn't on in India :/

  2. This sounds like the newly revised American game show "The Newlyweds" where newlyweds went against couples who were married 2 yrs and over 20. I enjoyed that show so I'll have to checked this one out. Thanks.


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