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So this movie received mostly bad reviews, but who were these reviews written by? Adults. Who is this movie aimed at? Teens. So it's not wonder it was so critically received, and let's be honest, most teen movies are, but if all the reviews are written by adults, is this really fair? Yes, usually the standard of acting is not as good, and the plot lines are either cheesy or predictable (or both), but the people who it is aimed at are young people who will watch just about anything for a laugh and won't read into the deeper meaning of things. I don't think that these reviews are fair, and the same goes for this movie.

I had been looking forward to Beastly for a long time as it's released date was continually being pushed back to avoid compeition. The main thing that drew me to this movie was Alex Pettyfer, and the thing that pushed me away was Vanessa Hudgens. Beastly is a modern retelling of 'Beauty and the Beast', and is a film adaption of the book written by Alex Finn. Now with two pieces that are distinctly Disney playing major roles in this movie ('BATB' and Vanessa Hudgens), I was concerned that perhaps this movie would appear too... well.. Disney.

This movie will definitely appeal to teenage girls who like cute, romance movies, probably not so much to boys or adults. So, being as it's a modern adaption of Beauty and the Beast, everybody should know how the story's going to go... give or take an arrogant, loaded, bastard, and a drug-abusers daughter... So I guess the story of 'Beauty and the Beast' doesn't really fit into the modern world, but who cares? It's a movie. F-I-C-T-I-O-N. So apparently the acting wasn't too good, but personally, I didn't really notice this. I thought that this was a good movie, with an important moral message, that is important is this day and age: look aren't everything.  By retelling this Disney classic that everybody knows the story of in modern times could help us to relate to it and to release the message behind the story.

I was only disappointed in the fact that Alex Pettyfer spent so little of this moving looking his usual, dishy self, but on the whole it was quite a good movie.

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  1. I haven't seen the movie yet, but you know what? I really don't care about bad reviews and what not, cause whether or not some movie reviewer likes it or not, I am going to watch it.


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