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The Kennedys.

'The Kennedys' is a new eight part miniseries that follows the lives of the Kennedy family from the 1930s through to the 1960s. Whilst it makes for a good piece of drama, it is quite an inaccurate piece of history that does not portray the Kennedys in a good light. For those people who don't know their history, perhaps this television miniseries would be quite enlightening in finding out the basic facts that took place in the events during that time; however, this series is much more focussed on the ins and outs of the Kennedy family than it is on actual historical facts. The good thing about this is that it does create a very real setting, it is believable if you're not that clued up on the Kennedy family and if you don't read too deeply into it you can gain quite a good understanding of the Kennedy family relations. The characters have often been called 'paper dolls' as there was more emphasis on trying to make the actors look and sound like the Kennedys than making a historically accurate drama. I'd recommend this to those people who are looking for drama, not documentary.

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  1. Good review
    I want to see it... as I read a lot of "Kennedy" books, just finished 4 all related...but last I heard they were not going to release it...what happened do you know? just became a follower we share a love of books and movies keep up the good work


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