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Happy Endings.

Happy Endings is a new show that has just started in the USA on 'ABC'. So it follows a group of six friends, three boys, three girls, (sound familiar? Yes, it has a distinct Friends-esque air about it), but the thing that's different about this new show, is that you can actually relate to it. At the beginning of this series, Alex, one of the girls, leaves Dave, one of the boys, at the altar. As the rest of the series unfolds we see how the friendship group deals with the awkward situation that they are now placed in. If you've ever seen two of your friends go through a messy breakup, then you'll definitely be interested in this show.

The acting is superb in  this as each and every actor fulfils their role in the group of thirty-something oddballs. It looks like this is going to be a really interesting and funny series. Judging from the first two episodes nothing is to be expected, there are funny twists and turns the whole way through, I hope that this is maintained throughout the series.

Watch Happy Endings every Wendnesday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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  1. i guess ill have to check this out now.
    i like bbc and aussie productions more than us stuff most of the time

  2. You are so updated. :O
    Keep it up, though! :) :D

  3. hmm i guess some us can get a bit repetitive rivercat but still .. if you're looking for a bit of humour then you can watch this every now and again :)

    haha thanks GND! :)

  4. You are right, bbc is very repetitive. I don't know if they're into as much t.v. as we are.


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