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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Harry Potter, a phenomenon that countless children (and adults) have grown up reading is finally coming to a close. The final book was released in 2007 and it was a sad day for all but many took heart in the fact that we would still be seeing Harry on our screens; however, by July 2011, we really will be saying goodbye to Harry Potter. Of course people will still read and watch Harry Potter, but no longer shall we feel the anticipation of waiting for Harry's story to unfold. The release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 marks the beginning of the end. There have been some mixed reviews of this movie, but they are mostly positive. Obviously this movie is different from the other six as it is not set in Hogwarts, and Harry begins his darkest adventure yet to seek out and destroy the seven horcruxes.

I felt like there was more emphasis in romance in the movie than there was in the book as the scenes including Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione/Harry affect a lot of the screenplay. I have to say that the thing I didn't like about this movie was the ending. Yes, it left you with baited breath waiting for the next movie, but I felt that it was slightly cold given that something tragic (I won't mention what in case you haven't seen it yet!) had just happened. Well, it was tragic in my opinion. The combination of touching scenes, mournful deaths, and the knowledge that one of my favourite things in the whole wide world was coming to a close resulted in me blubbering my way through the majority of this movie. Literally right from the onset when i saw the 'WB' sign appear and the eerie music begin.

This movie is action packed, as obviously there is quite a lot of content to get through, despite the fact that the book has already been split into two movies. A lot of the minor characters who we love don't feature very much in Part 1, but hopefully they'll play a bigger role in Part 2, especially near the end as the finale approaches. Part 1 is focussed on Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, and the trio does not disappoint! This movie has moments of comedy, tragedy, suspense and action. If you haven't already seen this then you definitely need to buy it and watch it, even if you're not a fan, it's one of those things you've got to watch. Look out for Part 2 released in cinemas (in 3D!) on the 15th July 2011. 

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  2. I like it though you need to split that into 2 paragraphs.

  3. Thanks for the advice Tom.. I'll split it now :)

  4. Hi Laura, I find your blog very interesting. I have a blog on the similar niche. Would you like to share a link? Sorry, I am posting this as comment because you haven't left any other mean to contact you. I am including your link in my blog now.

  5. Hi... thank you! I have added you to my list too :) Is there any way to follow your blog via blogger? I didn't see it...

  6. Can't wait for movie 2.

    I had predicted the movie ending a little earlier (caught by Deatheaters and recognised by B.), but when it ended here I realised this was a very good spot to choose! It leaves you with a poignant feeling at that final death, and shivering at that scene at Dumbledore's tomb.

  7. Suggestion for your "What's Hot: DVDs" posts. How about some info on the extras? ;o)


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