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Britain's Got Talent.

Britain's Got Talent returns to our screens tonight, the 16th of April, at 20:20p.m. If you've never watched this show before, then I highly recommend it because I guarantee it will have you feeling every single emotion, be it shock, horror, amazement, disgust, incredulity, but most of all, you'll spend the majority of the show laughing. For the audition rounds at least. Nobody's really sure what to expect this year with two new judges: America's David Hasselhoff and comedian Michael McIntyre, who are joining Amanda Holden. David Hasselhoff is said to be the Simon Cowell of America and he is also a judge on America's Got Talent, so it's kind of fitting that he should be Simon's replacement as a judge. Michael McIntyre is the most puzzling out of the three as he's never been a judge before, but he, along with presenters Ant and Dec, are sure to make it even funnier!

This is a quest to find the most talented people in Britain, with previous winners including: George Sampson, Diversity, Susan Boyle, Paul Potts and Spelbound. There is a huge variety of talents exhibited on this show, some ridiculous, some incredible. Previously we have seen tricks with animals, singing, dancing, jokes, gymnastics and some other truly extradinarily weird talents. In my opinion, this is the best reality TV show there is in the UK, with it's only main rival being 'The X Factor'. All the contestants have one goal: to perform for the Queen at the Royal Variety. Many talented people's careers as performers have rocketed since performing on the Royal Variety, and we'll have to wait and see who's in line next.

Catch Britain's Got Talent every Saturday evening on ITV 1.

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  1. This is my favourite reality show too at the moment, although I don't really watch that many of them.

    What annoys me about the show is that you get a lot of singers on it, that's what the X-Factor is for!

    I know they wouldn't really be able to turn singers away if they are good but still, if I wanted to see a singing competition, I would just wait a few months.

    I got my Mum tickets to the BGT auditions in Birmingham which were yesterday. She really enjoyed it and said that there were at least a few good acts to look forward too this year!


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