The USA tries to steal all our TV shows?

Skins USA

Now I've only watched one episode of this so far, but despite the fact that the last time I watched Skins UK Series One was a long time ago, I could still recognise the script. Word. For. Word. The only thing about this series that is better than the UK version is that the actress who plays Michelle (Rachel Thevenard) is slightly prettier than April Pearson. The US series clearly isn't as appealing to the teenagers in the USA as it is to those over here in the UK as MTV have received several complains with some people even comparing it to 'child pornography'.

Skins USA vs. Skins UK?
Winner: Skins UK

Being Human USA

Outnumbered USA

No, no, no, no! Everything about the family in the above photo is just WRONG. The kids just aren't as cute, the dad doesn't look funny and the mum looks far too much like a model. Not to mention the fact that there seem to be two random editions to the family who look quite isolated in this series poster.
Even the IT Crowd; however, this was cancelled after it's pilot in 2008. FAIL.

Of course there are just some examples of dramas, the number of reality TV shows that the USA has stolen is much larger. I really don't understand why US television production companies feel the need to 'steal' show ideas from the UK when personally most of the US dramas are better than the UK ones anyway. The types of shows broadcast in the two countries are vastly different. Popular teen dramas in the UK include: Waterloo Road, Skins, Misfits etc. and what is the common theme in all those dramas? SEX.DRUGS.ALCOHOL (usually of a graphic nature). Popular dramas in the USA include: Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill, Glee etc. common theme? ROMANCE.FAMILY LIFE.PEER PRESSURE. (yes there is also lots of sex/drugs/alcohol but it's presented in a completely different way and usually only when the characters are having a really, really bad day).

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  1. It's fine when production companies use the premise of a show from another country. They can even use similar content for the first few episodes (a la The Office). However, the new country version of a show must have a clear and separate direction (storylines, writing) than the original. What makes a show popular with any kind of staying power in the UK is different than the US and vice versa. This principle doesn't hold with movies but since television is a serial medium it has to connect with the viewing culture.

  2. agreed agreed agreed.
    they just completely take the shows and copy them, sooo frustrating!

  3. i live in the us but i love brittish tv expesialy hotel babylon its over but i loved it. i like watching the first version then the remake but i have to say i dont like skins its just to much but i think that in the us people are definatly not as open about sexuality. you cant realy say anything without some old lady looking at you like your some criminal


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