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Primeval Series 6 Episode 1.

I had absolutely no idea that Primeval would be returning to British television screens until I sat down yesterday afternoon to check out what was on TV that evening. I know I don't watch much TV on an actual television set these days but I'd still say that there was really bad publicity. Anyhow, I was really excited to see that it had returned because I love this show and all the weird creatures that appear in it. What I had forgotten; however, is how much that this show had started to suck since all the good characters mysteriously vanished and were replaced with new and unimproved characters. 

I have just finished watching the first episode of series 6 and it was even worse than I thought it would be. It launched straight into the action with little explanation or recap and I was thoroughly confused. It seems to have continued straight on from the end of series 5 but I imagine that many people, like myself, would have liked to have been eased into this new series rather than thrust into the nonsensical action. I also found that there was very little dialogue at all in this episode just lots of loud noises and gun fire. Primeval seems to have drifted away from its origins and now features people stuck in the present from both the past and future, giant machines supposed to stop all anomalies, and monsters that I've seen time and time again. The writers are clearly struggling to come up with new material because nothing really seems to be happening at all.

All in all, I was thoroughly unimpressed with the premise of series 6 and I'm not looking forward to watching the rest of this series. I shall probably stick with this series out of habit but really there's not a lot to see here. Primeval has gone massively downhill since its first series and I would only recommend watching the first two or three because after that it all goes a bit s***.

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