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The Migliao (Propheticus #2) by Emma Daley. 

The Migliao (Propheticus, #2)Title: The Migliao
Author: Emma Daley
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Createspace
Book Description: Propheticus: The Migliao Vol 2. of the Propheticus series. This is the second book in a sci-fi fantasy series, and offers more action and adventure than the first book in the series, Propheticus:The Mangitori de Sangue. Aniah and Novell's relationship has suffered some because of Aniah's discovery and the visitation of the SleepWalker last year. Aniah must learn to protect herself and fight against the dark creatures as she leaves her home behind and begins a dangerous journey, trying to discover her role in the Prophecy of the Dark Angeli. Sample of writing from book: I didn’t feel like the savior of the universe. I was afraid of tiny cliff sides and dead animals. But I didn’t have a choice; people depended on me-millions of people. My life was no longer my own. Just as the Mangitor de Sangue’s was not their own. My name is Aniah. I saw my fate last year in the eyes of a monster, otherwise known as a SleepWalker, a breed of the Mangitori de Sangue. I have yet to learn about this prophecy in which I am an omnipotent warrior sent to save this universe from the deadly clasps of the Mangitori de Sangue, an ancient army of blood lusting creatures. I must try to pull myself from this fearful prison of self pity and desperation that I have trapped myself in, realizing I could lose everyone I ever loved, and become the warrior that millions are counting on. I must learn to fight and spill blood; to run and to hide; and worst of all, to be prepared to have my world ripped to pieces.

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I read this back to back with Propheticus book #1 and I was glad to see that this book had the same high quality of writing and the plot was equally exciting. I hate it when the second instalment of a book is completely different from the original book that drew me in but Propheticus book #2 is just as brilliant as the first book.

I love watching characters grow throughout a series and you can definitely see some changes in Aniah to show her growing up and I really admire her character. I was very much focussed on Aniah and Novell when I read the first novel but in the second book I was much more taken by other characters as well.

The description is so very detailed and completely sucks you into this world. It is a unique place with many creatures, which I wasn't expecting at all. The writing simply flows off the page and I genuinely believe Emma Daley to be a brilliant writer!

The switching perspectives continued to draw me in and the swapping between narratives was not confusing for me at all. I have read a lot of books where I get myself into a huge muddle and I have no idea who's speaking what where and when, but that was not the case with this book.

What really lets these books down, in my opinion, is the covers. The books themselves are so impressive and the stories are brilliant but I don't think this is conveyed through the covers so don't be deterred by aesthetics! 

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Emma DaleyAt a very young age, Emma engrossed herself in stories of fantasy and mystery. Stories such as such as Jack and The Beanstalk, Peter Pan, and the Grimm Fairytales captured her attention and sent her into daydreams of other worlds with horrible obstacles that needed to be overcome. She couldn’t get enough mystery and adventure as she read about characters with strength and wit that could change their worlds under incredible circumstances. They were given magic or advice that helped them through their challenges, and Emma easily saw how this courage could be related to every day life, as she dreamt of courageous and adventurous ways out of her own obstacles in life. She seemed to be attracted to films with horror and excitement, suspense and intrigue. At the age of five, if you asked her what her favorite movies were, you’d be surprised to hear the variety and culture of these films; The Labyrinth, It, Never-ending Stories, Poltergeist and the Little Mermaid. As she got older, she never missed an episode of X-files and the Outer Limits. She was a big Terry Brooks fan; she began the Shannara series and after her homework was done, she would read until bedtime. 

The world of make believe was all around Emma as she grew up; she was inspired by life around her. “There was a few years when I was little that things were kind of all over the place; we were moving a lot for my fathers work and money was always very tight. When I was about five, I remembered watching as my Mom painted over the rainbow and the dove that I had painted on my wall in my bedroom. I asked her why we had to do it because it made me really sad. My mother explained to me that something had happened and we had to leave our house. I think I was more saddened about losing the painting on my wall than anything.” Emma came from a large family-nine brothers and sisters. Her father worked hard in construction, but sometimes money was tight and Emma watched as her father, sometimes painfully, counted out money to buy milk and bread for the next week’s meals. But Emma would not consider her life an unfortunate one; she was surrounded by a large family with loving brothers and sisters, who shared and gave everything they had. She considered her life rather enchanting. When Emma was about six, her father received a job offer in a small town outside of Vegas. The family was very excited about the new job and packed up everything they had, sold the house, and left their small town in Utah. When her father entered the office of the construction company that had given him the offer, the man apologized that they had gone with someone different. “I couldn’t imagine how my father must have felt at the time. My parents must have been sick.” Emma’s church heard about their family and their situation. The next day, a single wide trailer had been moved onto a piece of property that used to be the towns junk yard-it was where the town had dumped all their old vehicles and tires-now it was Emma’s home. Some children might complain about the living condition, but Emma and her family were grateful. The junkyard looked like a playground to Emma, and if you asked her now, it was one of the best times of her life. “There was this old crane on the lot that I used to climb to the top of and look out over the city, especially when the sun went down; it was beautiful. I felt like I was on top of the world.” Emma told scary stories in the empty silos a mile or so away from their trailer, even though her Mom yelled at her not to in the dark, and told her horror stories about how the bats liked to tangle themselves in little girl’s hair. “I think the fear behind it made it more exciting. I never understood why it was such a big deal to my Mom that we played in the silos until about six months later when they tore them down because they were crumbling and people were getting hurt in them. I don’t think even that would have kept me from them. I think I remember crying when they were torn down.”

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