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The Hangover: Part 2.

As soon as I heard that they were making a 'Part 2' of The Hangover I started jumping up and down from excitement. 'The Hangover' is one of the funniest and most ingeniously crafted movies I have ever watched and I expected much the same from 'Part 2'. Part of me worried; however, that the second movie wouldn't live up to my expectations and wouldn't be a successful movie as many sequels to movies have been less than brilliant, but thankfully, this movie is just as exciting. 

The Hangover: Part 2 is an incredibly funny tale which although follows the same concept as the previous movie, is still completely unique. This time, the boys are off to Thailand for Stu's wedding and though he is adamant that they don't have a bachelor party and keep things low key with a 'Bachelor Brunch', somehow, mayhem still ensues.

If you've seen the first movie, then you're definitely going to enjoy the second, with more crazy antics and blank memories. This is just as thrilling as the first movie despite what other people say. I was sat in a cinema full of people laughing their heads off the entire way through, and in my book, that means it's a damn good movie. It may revolve around the same concept of the original but the suspense as they search for Teddy, Stu's fiancee's little brother, and clues as to their antics of the previous night still keep you interested the entire way through.

I highly recommend this to anyone who's looking for an hour and half of laughter and banter.

In cinemas now. 


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