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When I first saw the movie trailer, I didn't particularly want to watch it. Despite it's good reviews and it's interesting story line, something ahout it just made me want to keep away. I went ahead and watched it anyways, and it was actually a really good movie. Of course, the plotline was completely unbelievable but there was good acting and it was face paced to keep you entertained.

This is the story of a girl who has been brought up by her father, an ex CIA agent, in the middle of a forest, where she has been trained to be an assassin. She has never been in the real world before but she has memorised facts about her fake-life there and what the world is like. One day she comes to the decision that she is 'ready' and her and her father make their way out into the world. At times I wasn't really paying attention so that is probably to blame, but I found the plot a little bit confusing. Even when it got to the end I still did not really understand the point of them coming out into the world, out of hiding. I just felt that it lacked purpose. However, the fact that this is about a child assassin, and not in your Alex Rider fashion, was really intriguing and interesting. It was also quite frightful at the skill that this child has and the feeling that she lacks as she commits some horrific crimes. It is fairly moving at times as, after all, Hanna is still just a teenage girl who hasn't had a choice in her upbringing and perhaps she does just want a normal life.
Watch this movie to find out how it climaxes and what becomes of Hanna as she enters the wide world...

In cinemas now.

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  2. Nice review, i thought the same really, plot was a bit mental and they didn't really explain much (they had to kill Blanchett for some vague reason), but it was good fun. I thought some of it was a bit over-stylised as well to the extent that it was kind of gimmicky and a bit distracting (like when she was escaping from the CIA holding facility)


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