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One Day.

Around the time that One Day came out in cinemas, I felt like everyone was talking about it, though, considering I go to an all girl's high school, that's not entirely surprising. Many of my friends had read the book and told me that it was absolutely incredible and I had to read it. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to read it before watching the film so I can't tell you how close to the novel the film is; however, the general consesus among my friends -and most women - is that the film does not do the book justice. The first time I watched One Day I thought it was absolutely brilliant. I was blown away by the intensely moving story and found myself leaving the cinema in floods of tears. I thought to myself, if the film doesn't do the book justice then that must be one hell of a book. However, I think I may have been swept up in the moment because when I got home and really analysed the film, I realised that it wasn't that great.

One Day is a romantic love story about two people, who meet after their graduation and become friends for life. She is a working-class girl with morals and high ambitions and he is a wealthy boy determined to live life to the fullest - and by that I mean, have the most fun possible without a care in the world. Over the next twenty years we see the key July 15ths of their lives - sometimes they're together, sometimes they're not, but they're always thinking about one another. They have a long and ardous relationship but they eventually realise that what they've been looking for has been standing right in front of them all along and they learn the meaning of life and love. But is it too late?

One Day Film

Anne Hathaway plays the protagonist, Emma Morley, and whilst she did seem to suit the role, her acting wasn't what it could've been. I've always held Anne Hathaway in high esteem, but unfortunately, she did not deliver in One Day. For starters, her accent was absolutely atrocious. To be fair, I didn't notice this the first time I watched it, but after rewatching several scenes I realised that her accent was different in each and every one and so I finally clocked that Anne Hathaway is incapable of doing a British accent. I found this quite surprising as she seems like the sort of actress who'd be really good at any role of any nationality, but apparently I was wrong.

Dexter Mayhew (Jim Sturgess), is one of those characters you'll either fall in love with, or want to strangle. I fell in love with him, whilst my friend sitting next to me was quite close to killing herself every time he opened his mouth. His accent is very posh-boy-British so I suppose it all depends on personal taste as to whether or not you like that sort of thing. Towards the middle of the movie his character was incredibly annoying but you come back round to him nearer the end of the movie. I think Sturgess is actually fairly good with his portrayal of Dexter as he's supposed to be a bit of a douche who can't express his feelings and I'm not sure if he pulls this off because he's really good at acting, or really bad.

Having never read the book before, the ending was actually quite a shocker for me. I literally had no idea what was coming until it happened - tears ensued. I was pretty sure that I had had the story lined sussed from the very beginning and nothing could've prepared me for the true ending. I think those who haven't read the book will like this film a lot more than those who have, not only because you won't realise that Anne Hathaway is indeed supposed to have a Yorkshire accent (I had to google this) and you won't be able to predict the end (or the middle) of this tale.

One Day is probably going to be one of those films you're either going to love or hate. If you've read the book, there's likely to be a much greater chance of you hating it considering the book is supposedly a million times better. If you can put up with Anne Hathaway's atrocious accent and you've got a box of tissues at the ready then  I would recommend One Day, if only to give yourself a kick up the backside and realise that love won't come easy.


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