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Johnny English Reborn. 

It's been a very long time since the release of the first Johnny English movie, eight years in fact, but finally, the sequel is here. If you haven't seen the first Johnny English movie, then I thoroughly recommend you watch it for even more ridiculous antics. The Johnny English movies are much like spoofs of the James Bond movies. Johnny English is a British spy and supposedly the best at what he does; however, he is prone to making elementary and hysterical mistakes along the way. In this movie, Johnny returns to work after being suspended from service after a disaster that occurred in Mozambique. This time he is trying to stop a group of assassins plotting to kill the Chinese premier but scarring memories from Mozambique are hindering him. Thankfully, his new sidekick Tucker is on the ball and makes sure English is on track.

At about half way through this movie, I realised that I didn't actually have a clue what was going on. I had absolutely no idea what the plot line was, but surprisingly, this didn't bother me at all because the film was just so damn entertaining. I don't think I've ever watched a movie when I wasn't clear on the plotlines and I still enjoyed it. The two are generally mutually exclusive, but not this time. I think that goes to show just how enjoyable and comic this film really is.

Rowan Atkinson does not disappoint with his perfect embodiment of Johnny English. He brings something completely unique to every film that he does and I'm in amazement of how someone doing something so stupid can look so suave whilst doing it. His facial expressions are absolutely priceless and I really wonder how he can contort and move his features like that. The jokes are absolutely hilarious and I marvel at the seriousness that Atkinson has when doing or saying something ridiculous. Atkinson really is the top of his game with this almost slapstick style comedy which so far I haven't seen any other actor do better. Alongside Rowan Atkinson is Gillian Anderson who plays 'Pegasus', English's new boss. She also pulls off a flawless act and spends most of the time scolding or gawking in shock at English. Daniel Kaluuya, a fairly new British actor, is the Ying to Atksinon's Yang. The two characters work well as a double act and Tucker is the one who keeps pulling English back on track and is the sensible agent out of the pair. If not for Tucker, English would be a complete and utter disaster. And last, but not least, there's Rosamund Pike who plays Kate Sumner, English's behavioural psychologist, who of course, provides the love interest and does it so well.

I was watching this movie on a long flight over to America and I must've looked like an absolutely freak because I was weeing myself with laughter in my seat. After I got off the plane, my friend, who was sitting on the other side of the plane, even said she could hear the sound of my laughter loud and clear.

With mistaken identities, misplaced objects and sheer stupidity, Johnny English is the perfect film for all the family and now you can get it on DVD and watch it from the comfort of your very own home!

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  1. Haha! I love Rowan Atkinson. Why did it take so long to make a sequel? :)

  2. In an interview, Atkinson stated that they'd actually planned to make the sequel straight after the original movie; however, they soon decided to film mr bean's holiday instead, delaying the release of the sequel. :)

  3. Hey..

    It's going to be a very entertaining. Would love to watch the sequel.


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