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What's Your Number?

One of the only reasons I decided to watch this movie was because of my obsession with Chris Evans. After seeing him in Captain America I was hoping that perhaps he would be able to show off his acting skills again in this movie, but unfortunately I was disappointed. I had an inkling prior to watching this movie that it wasn't going to be very good because personally I don't see Anna Faris as a very serious actress after seeing her in House Bunny and now I take her even less seriously. She's great at doing comedies but you find yourself laughing at her characters and their stupid antics in the same sort of way you'd laugh at slapstick.

What's Your Number? is about Ally Darling (Anna Faris), a young woman who realises that she's slept with far too many men already in her life. Determined not to sleep with any more, she backtracks and thinks back to all her past relationships to see if she could've missed 'the one'. With the help of her new neighbour, Colin Shea (Chris Evans), she manages to find each and every one of her exes, but things don't turn out the way that Ally planned.
Anna Faris is Ally in What's Your Number

Out of all the rom-coms I've watched, this definitely isn't anyway near the top of my list. Whilst I found it amusing and endearing, it really wasn't that freat a movie. You could say that the plot is original as I've never seen a rom-com where the girl looks backwards in order to find a husband; however, it wasn't very realistic. I couldn't believe that Ally had slept with 20 guys in her life nor that someone would track down every single one of these guys just to see if she'd missed husband potential.

Rom-Coms of this nature never particularly give the actors much opportunity to showcase their abilities and you know that the ones that do are worth watching. I didn't think that the acting was that great then again this movie was more heavily weighted to the 'comedy' part so I guess it didn't bother me too much. There are two main characters throughout, which the addition of many, many supporting actors who are Ally's ex-boyfriends. Many of these actors were quite well-known and famous and they brought a lot to their brief scenes.

Whilst there are some very funny moments and it makes your heart flutter a bit just like any other rom-com movie, it's a highly predictable movie that is not as great as I thought it would be and with a rating of only 24% on Rotten Tomatoes, I wouldn't particularly recommend this as there are many other movies available!

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