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Legally Blonde.

I'm going to be honest with you. I had absolutely no interest in seeing Legally Blonde and my sole motivation for booking tickets to see it was because I had to entertain some French girls on a Saturday night at a fairly low price. Ever since this musical first came to London I've wondered how on earth they could've possibly turned a movie into a musical and wondered even more about how it could be so successful. However, after seeing it, my views have totally transformed and I think I'd go as far as to say this is the best musical I've ever seen.

So as I said, I was looking for really cheap tickets at very late notice and so I turned to lastminute.com. I've always been dubious about websites such as this one and questioned their authenticity; however, it proved to be very easy to find tickets at really low prices with no strings attached. At 12pm on the day of the show I managed to find 4 tickets, priced at just £30 each in the Grand Circle. My view was ever so slightly restricted as I couldn't see the very front of the stage, but this didn't matter since this part of the stage was never used. I simply gave my name at the box office when I arrived at the theatre and I was given my tickets. Simple.

The theatre itself is magnificent. Legally Blonde is currently being shown at The Savoy Theatre which is located right next to the Savoy Hotel so you get the pleasure of walking down the stretch of road leading into the hotel and pretending that you can actually afford a room there. The theatre seating goes up extremely high so if you have a fear of heights I wouldn't recommend sitting in the Grand Circle.

The majority of you will have seen the Legally Blonde movies, and if you haven't then you'd better go and rent a copy now because it's a must see, and the plot of the musical is basically the same. Elle Woods, a blonde sorority girl of Delta Nu majoring in fashion marketing is all set up to get engaged with her long time boyfriend, Warner Huntington III; however, instead of popping the question, Warner breaks up with her. Elle is absolutely devastated and hearing that the reason they cannot be together is because she is not 'serious' enough, she decides to follow Warner to Harvard Law School. Of course, this is no mean feat for this sorority girl who has an aversion to books and an affinity for parties. After much hard work, Elle manages to pass the entrance exam and gains a place at Harvard Law and so off she goes to get back her man. However, on arrival, she sees that he has already found himself a new girlfriend. On her first day in class, Elle is kicked out of the classroom for not reading the required books prior to coming to class and so she enlists her professor's assistant, Emmett Forrest to help her study and keep up in class and thereby stay near Warner.

Whilst Legally Blonde is typically categorized as a 'chick flick', it is undeniable that there is actually a serious message underneath it all. Everything that is great about the Legally Blonde movies is made better by this musical -  The plot, the humour and the underlying message. It is truly amazing how this musical manages to incorporate such funny jokes with such a deep message.

The songs were extremely catchy and addictive and I'm still singing them two weeks later. The soundtrack is absolutely perfect and the song lyrics aren't in the least bit ridiculous as I thought they would be. All the cast have superb voices with astounding ranges and if you're not going to go see the show then at least purchase the soundtrack from Amazon! The dance numbers were also really fun and fitted in well to the rest of the show.

The use of set is also incredible and really really clever. They made great use of the manhole in the middle of the stage and because of my very high position I was able to see exactly how it works which was most intriguing. I don't understand how they managed to change the sets so fast or so smoothly given the huge dimensions of them but it was flawless and you barely noticed it.

This musical is actually hilarious. I cannot even begin to describe the pain that I felt in my abs after all that laughter. I did not expect it to be this funny but it really was pure class comedy. There were some jokes which I had my doubts about as whilst they were funny I wondered whether they were 'politically correct'. For example, there is a very funny number called 'Gay or European' which is extremely entertaining, though probably less so if you're European. There are many jokes which refer to the American confusion of other cultures namely Ireland, Britain and Europe which had me rolling off my seat. There actions of Elle herself and those around her are also extremely funny as you see the characters side notes to the audience.

In contrast to all the laughter, I actually found myself close to tears at one point. The romance was simply beautiful and perfectly acted out and is sure to make any girl swoon. This musical really does fill you up with a dose of female power and leaves you feeling inspired. For boys, well, you can just enjoy the comedy. The underlying message is not only about fighting the stereotype of 'dumb blondes', but also against sexism and the importance of remaining true to yourself no matter what.

If you're interested in seeing this show, I'd definitely recommend booking tickets as soon as possible before to avoid any cast changes! In my post-Legally Blonde hysteria I watched just about every single video of the show on Youtube and the cast that is currently in show is by far the best (yes, even better than the celebrity version). I've never watched a show that made me want to rewatch immediately after it, but this one did. This Olivier Award winning show would be the perfect gift this Valentine's Day so go on, treat your girlfriend to a great night out!


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  1. Wow I must admit I've never even heard about Legally Blonde as a musical but after your review it does look quite appealing! I loveeeeed the movies haha


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