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Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to decorate my walls with wall stickers (yeah, I know, I had big dreams). The first wall stickers I ever saw were an assortment of Harry Potter related stickers that my friend had stuck all around his bedroom. What had once been a boring and un-decorated room was now a cool and friendly bedroom that had been created with minimal effort. Recently, I've come across a site selling a very large range of said wall stickers and I couldn't wait to try one out for myself. Cut It Out is an online shop that sells wall stickers suitable for all rooms of the house be it your living room, your kitchen or your child's nursery. These stickers probably aren't suitable for the bathroom as the moisture will make it difficult for the sticker to grip the wall. There really is a huge variety of stickers and the site is constantly being updated. Since I ordered mine there are already loads of new ones and I'm so sad they didn't have them before! Take a look at a few of my favourite quote stickers: 

All the stickers look really professional most visitors will probably think it's some sort of artwork or painting on your wall, but no, it's so much simpler than that! Whether you want something small and inspirational or want to go big, you'll find a wall sticker to suit your style on Cut It Out. Here is the sticker that I choose which I believe is categorised under 'Kitchen' stickers:

An interesting look at things, right? ;)


How do you order your sticker?
Simply head to the Cut It Out website and choose your sticker. There are tonnes and tonnes to choose from in a wide variety of categories so take your time! It took me days and days of deliberation to choose which wall sticker I wanted because, of course, you can't have them all, but they're all so darn cool. Once you've selected a sticker, it's time to choose a size and colour. All the stickers come in varying sizes, but for some of them there's the option of choosing between small, medium and large. All the dimensions are clearly marked out and the pictures are pretty good at demonstrating how large the stickers are in relation to wall space so there's no risk of you buying an outrageously large sticker that you don't have room for. In addition, you can choose between twenty different colours for your sticker be it shiny gold, bright yellow or aqua green. There's even the possibility of ordering a personalised sticker. For example, you could order 'Princess Jessica' for your little girl's bedroom or 'Mark and Jessica's Kitchen' for your new home. Whatever it is that you want, you'll find it on Cut It Out. 

How do you apply your wall sticker?
The sticker arrives in a tube made from hard cardboard so no worries about your sticker getting squashed or damaged on its way to you. Once unrolled, you'll find your stick onto of a piece of white laminate paper with another clear sticker ontop. You then slowly and carefully peel the clear sticker off and hopefully your wall sticker will come off with it. This is a little tricky with some of the stickers as with mine a few of the letters still clung to the laminate paper behind it and there is a risk of tearing if this is not done with care. Once the transparent layer has been completely detached from the laminate paper, stick your wall sticker and the clear layer onto the wall where you want your sticker to go. Press the sticker down firmly, rubbing the sticker and the layer on top to make sure it really is stuck to the wall. Then, again, slowly and carefully, start to peel away the transparent layer and hopefully your sticker will remain attached to the wall. As you've probably gathered, the key to doing this successfully is to do everything slowly and carefully. It is by no means difficult to attach the wall sticker, but if you want to make sure that there are no lumps and bumps and that your sticker is firmly stuck to the wall then these are the steps you have to take. It doesn't take long either, you've just got to take care. As for taking the sticker off, it's pretty much the exact same process as putting it up, but the other way round. Make sure you've kept all the various bits and bobs that came with the sticker as they'll be needed for removal. First, take the transparent sticker and stick it back on top of your wall sticker, then rub it down very firmly, making sure that it has got a grip of your sticker. Start to peel the clear layer off the wall and hopefully your sticker will be attached to it once more. If your sticker doesn't attach, then press the clear layer down again and press even more firmly. Repeat this until your sticker has been completely transferred back onto the clear sticker sheet and then you can stick it back onto the laminate paper. As the sticker I ordered is a quote, this process is slightly more difficult because the letters are so intricate, but I imagine this being quick and easy for those with simpler designs. 

Final thoughts...
So all in all, wall stickers are a fantastic way to jazz up your room without going through the hassle of redecorating or repainting the walls. People's main concern when it comes to wall stickers is usually: 'Will it leave a mark on the wall?' and I can tell you from experience that it won't. I first put up my wall sticker in my university bedroom and when it came for time to leave, I simply peeled it off, no harm done to the wall and the sticker was still reusable! As soon as I got home, I had it back up on my home bedroom wall and it's still in the exact same condition that it arrived it. So far, it hasn't peeled off and there isn't any indication that it's going to. Cut It Out stocks an incredibly wide range of stickers so you're pretty much guaranteed to find something you'll like. Delivery is unexpectedly fast though you'll probably have to be in to receive it as I doubt the tube the sticker comes in will fit through many people's letter boxes. If you've got bare walls and are looking to spruce up your home then head to Cut It Out's website and see what they've got to offer. I guarantee you'll find a sticker you'll love! 

*Product was received for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. eeek these are amazing! :) I have always wanted to decorate my house with stickers like that! Thanks for sharing and I am gonna have to check these out :)

    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries

  2. Really wish the literary ones had been up before I'd ordered mine!! You should definitely check them out, they're uber cool :)
    Thanks for stopping by!


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