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*Product was received for free in exchange for an honest review

The other week I was approached by Wrappz and asked to review one of their products and I could not have been more excited. I have actually had experience with Wrappz before as a couple of Christmases ago my friend bought me a personalised iPod touch skin so I knew Wrappz was a company to be trusted. 

At first I approached these stickers with trepidation - did I really want a massive sticker on my precious new macbook? Yes, yes I did. I have received an outstanding number of compliments on my new macbook's new look since applying the sticker, far more than I would've ever imagined. Quite literally everyone who's seen the sticker on my macbook has commented on how cool and beautiful it looks. I've been overwhelmed with the positive response as it was far more than even I had expected and I couldn't be happier! Here are some pics of my iPod touch and macbook with my Wrappz sticker on. 

(Sorry for the glare) 

As you can see, there is a sort of shiny lacquered effect on the stickers which is rather cool and you can tell these stickers are of a high quality. As I said, I received the sticker for my iPod touch years ago and it's still in perfect condition so I can say from personal experience that these products are durable and long lasting. I haven't experienced any problems with the stickers peeling off, the picture fading or being scratched and broken. I haven't dared to peel the sticker off to see whether it leaves a mark underneath but Wrappz are adamant that their products don't leave any sticky residue and judging from the type of sticker it is, I believe them. 

I was surprised by the number of products that you can buy a Wrappz skin for. They've got everything from laptops to mobile phones to tablets to kindles to Xboxs from pretty every brand be it Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC or blackberry! If you've got an older model, don't worry, because they offer Wrappz for products that are years and years old. Wrappz don't just sell personalised skins, but also personalised cases, so if you're looking to protect your device and not just jazz it up then have a look at those! 


How do you make a Wrappz skin?

It's simple! The Wrappz website is very easy to navigate. Simply choose your product, then pick your brand and model. If you're designing a skin for a macbook you can decide whether you want the sticker to cover up the apple logo or leave an Apple shaped hole in the sticker (like mine). Then, upload the photo you want to have on your sticker and start customising! If you don't want your image to cover the entire sticker then you can choose a plain background colour (any colour you want - there's a whole palette!) and have a smaller image, or you can resize your image to fit the entire sticker. If you want, you can also add some text on top of your image, though the only reason that I can think that someone would want to do this would be to put your name on the sticker so people know it's your device which is actually rather clever. Once you've positioned your photo and you're happy with it - you're done! Press add to cart and you're Wrappz will be on its way. It really is that quick and easy!

How do you apply your Wrappz? 

My Wrappz skin arrived amazingly quickly given that these are all personalised products. It came in a rather large and strong envelop so my sticker wasn't bent in any way and inside is simply a sheet with your sticker on it and a little instruction guide. It couldn't be easier to apply a Wrappz skin. All you have to do is make sure that your device is completely clean and dry (I suggest using a micro-fibre cloth if you've got one), carefully peel off your sticker and, starting at the edges, press your sticker down firmly. This job isn't any where near as hard as trying to apply a screen protector to your iPhone as I stuck the sticker down on my first try without any bubbles or lumps at all. The apple cut out in the middle of the sticker is pretty much the exact same size as the apple logo on my macbook but I still had absolutely no problem positioning the sticker. 

Final thoughts... 
All in all, I am very pleased with my Wrappz macbook skin. My macbook stands out when I whip it out in lectures and I'm proud of how much prettier it is compared to other laptops. Although the skin doesn't offer any protection against drops and spills, at least I don't have to worry about the top of my macbook being covered in scratches! The hardest decision when it came to designing my skin was which image to use - the rest of the process is very, very simple. These Macbook skins are currently priced at £12.99 - an amazing price for a sticker that'll last a lifetime! I would highly recommend these products to anyone for any product. I'm looking at possible designs for a kindle and iPhone skin next and then all my devices will be decked out with a Wrappz sticker! 

Get your own macbook skin here

One more thing!
Wrappz is offering What's Hot? readers a free personalised phone skin! All you have to do is pay for postage and you can have your very own pimped out mobile phone. Simply apply to code freeskin at the checkout! 

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