Love snapchat and texting? Introducing... Frankly Chat!

So you love texting and you love snapchat? Then Frankly Chat is the perfect app for you as it seems combines two of the most popular activities on any smartphone. With Frankly Chat you can send messages and photos to your friends which initially come up 'blurry'. When your friend has received the message and wants to open it they tap the message and the message or picture comes into focus and the timer starts running. As soon as the timer bar has reached the the other end of the screen, the message disappears forever. That is, unless if you screenshot the message, though the sender of the screenshotted message will be alerted to the fact that you have done so, so there's no point trying to be sneaky! Possibly the best feature of Frankly Chat is that you can unsend messages. Everyone, literally everyone, has either sent the wrong message to the wrong person or simply wished that they could take something back but very few apps allow you to do this. For me this is what attracted me to Frankly Chat because you can send messages really quickly and really easily, but if you've been a bit too hasty, you can always take it back later (provided the person you've sent it to hasn't already read it, of course).

There are tonnes of instant messaging apps out there but none of them are quite like Frankly Chat. You can change the background colour of your messages with a swipe and the font size with a pinch. Frankly chat allows you to share your emotions with more than just words with all these customisable features. Another interesting feature, which could probably be just as much of a blessing as a curse, is the opportunity to have anonymous conversations. You can have group conversations with your friends and no one has to know who's saying what. If you want to let your crush know that somebody's (i.e. you) got their eye on them, here's a sly way to do it ;)

Here's the progression of me tacking a screenshot:


Just look at how colourful and the conversation is - so much better than plain old texting!

All in all, Frankly Chat offers a wide variety of new features that are unavailable from any other messaging app so get yourself (and your friends) on the hype now!

Find out more about Frankly Chat here!

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