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Not so long ago I heard someone complaining about the lack of witches in supernatural dramas, well, complain no more for 'The Secret Circle' has landed! Another television adaption of one of L.J.Smith's series (the first being 'The Vampire Diaries') has arrived on our screens. The Secret Circle follows the life of Cassie Blake and her peers as she starts a new life in Chance Harbour after the mysterious death of her mother. There's something different about Cassie and everyone seems to know her secret apart from Cassie herself. Weird things start to happen to Cassie the minute she sets foot in Chance Harbour and it's not long before she's discovered that she is in fact a witch, just like her mother was.

The Secret Circle has received mixed reviews with some saying that it was a mistake to air this show straight after The Vampire Diaries on a Thursday night whilst others are saying that this is a great new show with fresh up and coming actors and actresses. Perhaps airing The Secret Circle after what is probably it's main competitor, The Vampire Diaries, wasn't such a great idea, but despite the fact that I agree with some of the negative criticism of The Secret Circle, the show has rapidly risen to second place on my current list of favourite shows, second only to The Vampire Diaries. You could say that this judgement clearly shows that I have a thing for supernatural dramas and therefore I am biased as to whether or not this show is perceived as 'good'; however, not so long ago shows like Gossip Girl and 90210 were topping my list of shows. Gossip Girl is now onto it's fifth series and 90210 onto it's fourth and this is probably the reason that shows like these have come down in my esteems. Whilst the plot lines are regurgitated and repeated across both these two dramas, The Secret Circle brings something fresh and new, which makes it far more interesting and entertaining.

I definitely think that these young actors and actresses are the ones to watch. Each and everyone of them is different and brings a unique character to the group and they all play their roles superbly. My favourite character so far is Adam, played by Thomas Dekker. Dekker has already got an incredibly impressive resume considering he's still only 23 years old having starred in films such as My Sister's Keeper, Heroes, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, 7th Heaven and The Land Before Time (Aww. Yes, that is the series of Dinosaur videos we all watched as kids) just to name a few. The title role belongs to Britt Robertson who plays Cassie Blake and she too has worked up a very large number of films and television programmes to date. She plays the struggling and innocent damsel in distress role perfectly with her petite body and sweet voice. The other notable actress is Phoebe Tonkin, who plays resident bad girl Faye and although many critics have cited her as the one to keep your eye on, I find it difficult to connect with her character who makes it so easy for you to hate her - perhaps that's the beauty of her acting.

All in all, I believe The Secret Circle to be a great show that demonstrates much hope for the future and if you're undecided on which of the many new fall TV shows to start watching, I'd definitely recommend this one.

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