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I've been aticipating the release of Abduction for quite some time now as I was curious to see how Taylor Lautner would fare without his wolf pack. I'm not a massive fan of Lily Collins and I was worried that Abduction might not live up to the preconceptions I have built up in my head, but thankfully, this film did not disappoint. 

Abduction is about  a teenager, Nathan Harper, who finds a picture of his younger self on a missing child website whilst researching for his school project. However, as soon as he begins to ask questions all hell breaks loose and he finds himself caught up with the CIA - the good and the bad, and is on the run with Karen, his project partner. He desperately searches for his true identity after finding out his parents were not his birth mother and father and struggles when trying to decide who he should trust and who he shouldn't. 

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The action in this is really realistic and I believed that every punch thrown was genuine. Taylor Lautner was able to show off his incredible fighting skills (he's a black belt) and his enormous strength. They weren't even your average stunts, they were really impressive bordering on Jackie Chan style moves. The bad guys seemed genuinely evil and all the secret agents played their CIA roles perfectly, there was nothing James Bond about them. There was also a raunchy (almost) sex scene and this coupled with the frequent scenes of violence means that I probably wouldn't recommend this for children, but for teenagers and adults it's fine. 

It was quite interesting seeing Taylor Lautner playing the role of an arrogant and popular dare devil and he had completely let loose and played the role very convincingly. Thankfully this bad boy attitude did not last for long as once the real action kicks off he transforms from an arrogant prick to a genuine and strong minded teenager. I'm happy to report that Taylor Lautner seems to have avoided being stereotyped as Jacob the werewolf and completely transformed himself into Nathan Harper and I hope he continues to branch out into other movies after the Twilight franchise as Abduction has shown that he's genuinely got talent (in case you didn't already know). Abduction has completely changed my opinion on Lily Collins. I used to hate her and her overly-defined eyebrows, but now I think she's actually quite a good actress and her and Taylor Lautner make a cute couple. Her character, Karen Murphy, can be a little whiny and annoying at times, but on the whole she's also a head strong teenager and a good match for Nathan Harper.

 All the other characters in Abduction are also well known and incredibly talented and that combined with a great plot line is what has made Abduction such a great film. I was surprised to see Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter) playing the role of Nathan's father in this. At the beginning of the film, Kevin Harper is extremely harsh on his son and he played the role of the overbearing dad really well and there was nothing about his character that even vaguely reminded me of Lucious Malfoy. Kevin Harper is a completely different sort of overbearing dad, he's neither smarmy nor sleek, but a hardcore American dad and if I had to compare him to someone it would probably be Dan Scott from One Tree Hill. Isaacs' American accent is absolutely spot on. It is so easy to overplay an American accent (even if you're actually American) so I was impressed that he sounded like a true native speaker. Nathan and Kevin have a really intense relationship and both Lautner and Isaacs played it superbly at the beginning of the film. After Isaacs debut scene in Abduction he becomes a much more caring dad, a normal dad, and it was great to see that he could play this role just as well. Other actors include: Alfred Molina - great at playing his usual cowardly bad guy role, Sigourney Weaver - a brilliant actress who's been branded as 'The Sci-Fi Queen' and Michael Nyqvist - one of Sweden's most beloved actors. 

Taylor Lautner looks incredible hot in this movie what with the fight scenes, his cool attire and his motorbike. There are also some humorous moments in this, but they are infrequent as this is predominantly a teen action/thriller. There is an interesting and unique plot line that keeps you hooked the whole way through; however, it does slightly remind me of Stormbreaker as Alex Rider was similarly thrust into a world of spies, but there are very different endings for the characters. It was very cool how all the characters fitted in at the end when it is revealed who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, something that you're continuously wondering throughout the film. I definitely recommend this film if you're in the mood to be entertained!! 


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  1. Wow this is such a good review! O_O I shall watch this now, I'm quite a fan of Taylor Lautner :D

  2. Thanks Caroline! :) You definitely should ... I think it's his best piece of acting yet :)


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