MUSIC REVIEW: One Direction.

One Direction's debut single.

What Makes You Beautiful
Finally. One Direction have released their debut single 'What Makes You Beautiful'. The release date of their debut album has been pushed backwards and forwards backwards and forwards that fans were getting very agitated and impatient, but here it is! Sort of. You can find the video on youtube (see below) and you'll probably be hearing it on the radio a lot, but the official release date isn't until the 12th of September (available for download on iTunes from the 11th). Following their single, their debut album is set to be released this autumn.

I really don't have a clue how to review songs so I'm just going to give you my first impression of it. There's something very 'Grease' about the opening couple of bars, don't you think? Or maybe it's just me. Whether or not you like the song, it's one of those tunes that's going to stick in your head as it's very catchy. What bothers me about it is the constant repetition of certain syllables of words, personally, I think it's quite unneccessary, but I guess it just goes with the s-o-ong. It's a very suitable song for these boys seeing as their main market is screaming teenage girls. I guess it's a feel good song. (The video's kinda funky too!). This song is definitely for teenage girls, though I'm sure it will be stuck in everybody's head within no time.

Oh God... It's stuck in my head already. *presses repeat*

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  1. OMG!! You were right! It's stuck in my head for life now! But thanks for the update on a new song. Those are my favorite :D
    I am now following your blog -Sydney


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