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So I was talking to my cousins across the pond in the big US and they were telling me about their new phones and their brilliant network, Net10, so I decided to check it out. My elder cousin has got their 'unlimited' plan and when I heard about what this plan included I was quite shocked and a little bit annoyed. Firstly, I'll explain why I was annoyed. He and I basically pay the same amount each month ($50/£30) except he gets everything with his contract and I get nothing. How is this fair?! I was shocked because it really does seem to have covered all the bases and so far he's had absolutely no additional bills and no unexpected charges (which, by the way, I incur by the hour - don't ask me how, because I don't have a clue). Net10 Unlimited offers him nationwide coverage (and heck America is a pretty big place) with unlimited talk, text and data for just $50 a month. Now for some people might think that that's rather pricey, but think about it, just $50 a month and away you go, your phone is limitless! So I know all companies say that they offer great coverage and reception, but Net10 actually does. Proof of this is that my cousin recently travelled all the way to California and then over to New York from Ohio and he had absolutely no problems. I walk five minutes up the road and my phone is screaming SOS.

Not only is the plan itself great, but the phones they offer are too. Net10 only uses trusted manufacturers such as LG, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Kyocera. In addition, this plan is perfect for all mobile phone users. My younger cousin just uses it for socializing and you know how teenagers are - we just can't shut up - so this plan is perfect for him so he can continue yapping to his mates all. night. long. My elder cousin is in his mid-twenties and is just settling into working life and he thinks that it offers him all that he could ever need as well. I mean, imagine if you had to cut short a business call because you'd 'run out of airtime'. Embarrassing much? With Net10 Unlimited, you'd never have to worry about that.
So how does this miraculous plan work I hear you ask? Well you can be up and running with two simple steps:
1. Buy and activate your phone (activate on their website - )
2. Test your Net10 phone by making a call or sending a SMS
(The service end date is conveniently displayed on your phone so you know not only when your service ends but also how much airtime you've used up. If you should need more airtime, you can simply buy an airtime card from their website, or alternatively from your nearby store or directly from your phone! Of course, if you take out the unlimited deal, you won't need to worry about airtime. )
What's so great about Net10 is the flexibility that it offers you. There is a whole range of monthly plans that you can take out with their Easy Minute Plus plan, an automatic minutes plan, which gives you 200 minutes for $15, their unlimited plans for $50 which really is unlimited and also their Pay-As-You-Go plans which carry over your minutes with active service. You can even switch between plans to suit your budget and airtime needs withoutpenalties or fees. 
They also offer Long Distance Service, which is available in 75 countries, for only 15 cents a minute! There is also a special International Neighbours program currently available in Canada and Mexico which gives you a special number so your friends and family can reach you on your Net10 number.
As for what phones are on offer there are both simple and more technological phones available with simple phones for simple texting and calling needs for under $15. There are also phones with cameras, blue tooth, mobile web and other extras for under $40. The even swankier phone with full QWERTY keyboards, slider phones, touch screen phones with app capabilities and web access, cameras etc. are available for under $60. 
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