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Unlike a lot of other rom-coms, a lot of the plot of 'Bridesmaids' is actually pretty believable. The main character is a sad and lonely woman who's reaching 'that age' when you begin to have a minor breakdown because everyone around you seems to be getting their lives sorted whilst you are only moving backwards. Annie (the protagonist), really starts to crack when her best friend gets engaged and makes a new friend all at the same time. Annie crumbles and all seems lost. She's sleeping with her ex-boyfriend even though it's clear he's using her, her business has failed because of the recession, she loses her job, she's sharing an apartment with two siblings from the UK (Matt Lucas is one!) and her best and seemingly only friend is slipping away. Annie takes an immediate disliking to the 'new' friend and they start a silent, but raging, battle between them, competing for the title of 'best friend' of the bride. As you can imagine, things get out of hand.

I don't want to spoil the plot for you, so I won't tell you anymore but this is a genuine story that I'm sure every woman will be able to relate to. This rom-com actually received really positive reviews. Shocking, I know, but it is definitely worth watching. It's even been called 'the best female driven, r-rated comedy of all time'. However, not all of this movie is fun and games, for a large part of the movie the audience will be feeling sadness and sympathy (one would hope) as things really do look bad for Annie. This is what makes it genuine as it isn't a fairy tale, it could be a true story.

Kristen Wigg plays the protagonist and she does an excellent job and is no doubt about to become an even bigger star than she already is. I was suprised to find quite a lot of non-American actors including Matt Lucas and Chris O'Dowd, both of whom are famous comedians in the UK and no doubt have brought their impressive comic skills to this film.

I would say that this movie is aimed at and will most appeal to woman who are in their 30s, but to all other women as well. I wouldn't particularly recommend this movie for men but if you're a single lady looking for a day out with her friends, I definitely advise you to go and watch Bridesmaids, a rare, genuine, funny, heartbreaking rom-com. Enjoy ladies.

The poster's got it right: CHICK FLICKS DON'T HAVE TO SUCK.

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