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The SONY VAIO Series (VPC-EB2Z0E).

I am currently an unemployed student, so when I began my hunt for a laptop of my own, I wanted to be thorough to make sure that I was spending my life time (pocket money) savings on a suitable and reliable product. I was keen to buy an Apple Macbook, but I decided that for my first laptop it would be a lot simpler to have a PC with all the same functions that I would find at school/offices/home etc. I looked in my father's WHICH? magazine and it recommended the SONY VAIO series so I decided to do some reseach. I came to the conclusion that this particular model was the most suitable for me because of the size, portability and features. I went ahead and bought this laptop for around £800 from an official Sony store (All Microsoft Software and Anti-virus Software included).
Unfortunately, it seemed I had picked a faulty model, as the laptop kept crashing. As a result I had to swap it for a new laptop. This was just an unfortunate incident as I seemed to have picked the faulty one. I have had no problems since and everything has run smoothly as all the reviews told me it would.

I highly recommend this product as I believe it has just the right balance. It is light enough to be easily portable, it has a lot of features including a large storage capacity (mine is 500MB) as well as the intel core i3 processor. The screen is 15.5" on the diagonal which is a good size, it is neither too big nor too small. What I particularly looked for whilst searching for this product was the graphics card as I watch a lot of movies on my laptop. I found that this model had a premium graphics card that was better than the rest of the VAIO laptops.
I highly recommend this series. If this laptop isn't the one for you, well then there are many many others to choose from. For me, this is a good laptop for gaming and film watching due to the graphics card. It is also very good at all other functions and features that you would want from a laptop with a very large memory. If you are not so bothered about the graphics then perhaps you should choose another model.

This laptop is very fast. My favourite feature of them all is the 'Quick Web Access'. This allows you to access the internet in seconds. LITERALLY. At just the press of a button your laptop turns itself on to the VAIO browser. You cannot access the rest of your laptop in this mode, it is just a browser for when you need to access the internet fast.
I also really like the layout of the keys. As i mentioned earlier, I originally wanted an Apple Macbook, so when I saw that this laptop had the a very similar keyboard layout I was very drawn to this laptop. Each of the keys is separate with about a 2-3mm gap between them and I believe that this makes it a lot easier to type, and you make less spelling errors from slips of the finger.

This model, of course, comes with the latest software: Windows 7, which is also excellent and if you're not looking for a new laptop, I'd highly recommend you at least upgrade to Windows 7. It really is very good, MILES better than Vista, and I'd even say better than XP.
This laptop is very easy to set up. There is very little that you need to do yourself, you just need to follow the on step screens to set it up. Don't worry if you're not a tech wiz, you'll still be able to use this brilliant laptop. It takes a while to set up as you have to download some features, I believe I waited a couple of hours, just to make sure everything was completely set up and saved before I went ahead changing everything to fit my personal style.

Also, this laptop plays Blu-ray discs as well as DVDs! This is excellent as Blu-ray is sure to become more and more prominent in the future so it's good to get ahead now. There are 3 USB plug holes along the side which mean you can do many things at once and access lots of files. There is a special slot for SD Cards which is very useful, you don't need to fiddle around with adaptors anymore your camera memory card will fit right in!
I'd also have to recommend that if you were to buy this product you buy it from a SONY store and not from anywhere else. They offer the best guarantees and warantys for this product and it means that should anything go wrong you can take it straight back to the people who designed it to get the best help. The prices vary from store to store depending on what promotions are currently happening so I suggest once you have chosen your model you visit several different stores to see what they can offer you. I would say that the price will range from £650-£850, which I believe is a fair price for all that it offers you.

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  1. This looks like a great buy! I originally purchased a mac for uni and I am not too impressed with Apple.



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