What are they? 
According to Squishable: "They're giant round fuzzy stuffed animals. Hug them.", and to be honest, I couldn't put it any better myself. They are literally just massive balls of fluff that come in three different sizes in the UK: 3", 7" and 15". Pictured above is my 15" Squishable Narwhal and it's the best thing ever. I picked the Narwhal because it's one of the cutest, in my opinion, and my friends and I are trying to collect all the different animals between us. Other animals available include: a fox, a penguin, an owl, a pink owl, a hedgehog, a dragon, a corgi, a manatee, an octopus, a panda, a peacock, a pink kitty, a yeti, a 'worrible', a kitten, a unicorn, a T-Rex, a werewolf, a moose and a sea turtle! If you're not into animals, you could get a cinnamon bun, a cupcake or even an Android! The best thing is that Squishable are constantly updating their range and if you have a look at the American website you can see how much potential there is for the UK site! 

Who are they for?
Anyone! It's impossible not to have fun with a Squishable no matter how old you are! I first heard about Squishables from my University friends and they've literally spread like wildfire across our colleges. Yes, we're 19 year olds, and we're obsessed with Squishables! We've already amassed an impressive collection including a werewolf, a pink owl, a manatee, a panda, a narwhal, a hedgehog and a moose! Of course, Squishables are probably aimed at those who under 18 years old but we're all 'adults' now and we love them too! I cannot even begin to explain to you the amount of joy my Squishable Narwhal brings me so I can only imagine how ecstatic I would be had I received one of these when I was under 10 years old. This is the ideal gift for a child or anyone who's still young at heart! 

What's good about them?
They're. Just. So. Soft. And. Squishy. Everything about a Squishable is the best thing about it! Whilst they look pretty big in the pictures, it's not until it arrives that you can fully appreciate just how large and round Squishables really are. I can comfortably fit my arms around my Squishable which makes it the perfect size for squishing. As they're perfectly round, fluffy and squishy there are virtually no hazards associated with them so they're perfectly safe for your children to play with, even if they're very young (though not for children under 3 years old). All the Squishables are incredibly cute - my friend was given the werewolf squishable as a joke for her birthday because it is 'ugly' but (somehow) it's actually still pretty cute in real life somehow. On a slightly more serious note, having seen and played with a large variety of Squishables, it is clear that these toys are very well made and even after much use they still retain their squishiness and softness.

What's not so good about them? 
I don't think I can think of a single thing that is wrong with a Squishable. They are fairly pricey I guess, a 15" Squishable will set you back £35, but luckily for you, I can offer you a 10% discount by using the referral link below: 

Final thoughts... 
Whether you're six years old or sixty years old, there's bound to be a Squishable out there for you! It's hard to explain just how much joy a Squishable can bring to your life and I can't really put my finger on what it is about them exactly, but everyone who's come across them falls in love with them immediately! I cannot emphasise just how worth it these Squishables are. You can play with them, use them as a pillow, throw them around, even use them as massive stress balls if life's getting you down - the possibilities are endless!  There's free delivery for orders over £60 so team up with a friend and enjoy! 

Finally, here's a selfie I took with my Squishable Narwhal! 

*This product was purchased at a discount from Squishable.co.uk in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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