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So I was recently offered the opportunity to review a fancy dress costume from Jokers' masquerade, an online fancy dress seller. Being a university student, there's always an opportunity to dress up so I snapped up this opportunity and bagged myself a Fever Nurse outfit. sell a wide variety of costumes for men, women and children from celebrities to Halloween costumes, from sexy to silly costumes at affordable prices. They sell lots of individual items as well as costume packages so whatever fancy dress event you're going to, you should check them out! 
So what's included? 
Included in this bag is just the nurse dress and headpiece (note: not the hold ups, gloves or eyepatch as displayed in the picture). This is all you need really as when put together it's pretty obvious that you're supposed to be a nurse, even if the dress is pink. The headband has the tendency to flop backwards a bit but it's still pretty clear that you're wearing a nurse headband when this happens so it's not really an issue. 
So I ended up getting a size 'M' which is supposedly a UK 12-14 so this is a little big for me (I usually wear size 10). This wasn't really a problem though as these costumes are clearly meant to fit a large range of sizes and have designed their dresses perfectly for this. Although it is a little lose, it's not really noticeable at all. My friend who is a UK size 6 also tried this dress on and it didn't even look that bad on her (though noticeably baggy at the back). Fancy dress size guides are usually horribly inaccurate but they seemed to have got it spot on with this range. From my own experience, I'd say that if you're unsure, order the size bigger rather than smaller, though this dress is made from a very stretchy material so if you'd rather this dress was tight, then size down. 

I know that everything in the 'Fever' ranges is supposed to be sexy but this costume is still shorter than I imagined it would be. The tutu layering of the skirt means that the skirt poufs out quite a lot at the bottom which makes it even shorter and I can't really bend over when wearing this outfit without revealing what underwear I'm wearing. I'm not even that tall, I'm only 5'6"! I'm not sure I'd wear this costume without any tights or at least something a little bit more substantial underneath and I'd probably recommend buying a pair of cotton hot pants or something just as an extra precaution. 

This costume is made from 100% polyester which doesn't sound like it's of the best quality but I think that quite the opposite is true. The material is stretchy and flexible and I can't see how you'd end up ripping it or anything like that. The pink straps are made from a thin, silky material so there's no chance of them rubbing your shoulders. The straps are the perfect length so that the top of the dress leaves just a hint of cleavage without giving too much away and this also means that they don't slip off which is great. The zip goes up the left hand side of the costume but comes far enough down that it's not a struggle to get into at all, which is a relief. 

The only real 'problem' I see with this costume is that the tutu layer underneath the skirt is rather scratchy which is a bit annoying if you've got bare legs. There is another layer of material between the tutu material and your legs but it's slightly shorter than the netting hence the slight scratching. 

Final thoughts...
All in all, I am very pleased with my nurse costume. I have tried to really pick apart all the details of this costume in this post but as far as fancy dress costumes go, this is definitely one of the better ones in terms of authenticity, fun and quality! Although the dress is very short, it's not too low cut which means that you don't come off looking too inappropriate and it's the perfect balance between 'slutty' and sexy. This is the perfect costume for a fancy dress party if you're looking to dress to impress but have a laugh at the same time! Also, there aren't many pink nurse outfits out there so this one is extra cute! I'll definitely be taking my costume with me to uni next term as it's a classic costume for pretty much any dress up party. 

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Many thanks to for providing me with this costume for review! 

*Product was received from free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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