TV REVIEW: Made in Chelsea Season 3 debut

Made In Chelsea.

After a dramatic finish to season two, Made in Chelsea has finally returned to our television screens. Just to recap, at the end of the last series Millie found out that Hugo had cheated on her with Rosie and it looked like Jamie and Louise were going to become the next most beloved couple of the show, but the most climatic and most anticipated moment, was when we found out that Caggie and Spencer had finally got together.

I was expecting Made in Chelsea to come back with a bang but I was definitely not prepared for all the changes that had taken place over such a short space of time. There are new relationships, broken relationships, new characters, new personalities, new cars, new houses and new jobs. Caggie and Proudlock come back from their long adventure to Australia and it's clear that Caggie/Spencer drama is not over and they won't be living happily ever after - especially since she's got someone else's name tattooed on her arm. Millie and Rosie's relationship is completely stalemate and it doesn't look like that'll be changing anytime soon. Hugo's completely smitten with his new girlfriend which causes tension with the rest of the gang. Jamie and Spencer are planning on moving in with each other, but it's not long before they're arguing. New character, Kimberly, is introduced and the boys fight it out over who gets to ask her out. Looks like Louise is also about to be in the middle of a fight between two boys. Cesca's introduced to a new man, Rich, by her new housemate Ollie, but his past with Gaby bothers her. We haven't heard much about Binky or Ollie so far but hopefully they'll come back into greater prominence soon.

Personally I feel that Made In Chelsea is losing it's buzz. Every single character has changed since the show's premiere and not all for the good. I read an article in the Independent about these new reality tv stars and whilst they have been revolutionary in the world of celebrity, the article was right - these stars are made to be destroyed. At first I thought that it would be the press destroying them, but now I realise that the characters seem to be doing a pretty good job of destroying each other. This is Gossip Girl, but real. We'll be losing one of the main characters this series as she's chosen to focus on her career and this will probably send the number of viewers spirally down so hopefully they'll up the ante to make up for this loss.

These shows leave you feeling less guilty about prying into the lives of the famous and fabulous because they've handed it to us on a platter, they chose this. Although Made In Chelsea isn't as good as it once was, I still firmly believe that it's the dominating reality TV show at the moment, beating TOWIE, Geordie/Jersey Shore and the rest. It may be completely obvious that it's staged and the timing is manipulated; however, the awkward pauses just make it all the more entertaining. With the millions of changes going on in the character's lives, this is definitely a series to watch, if only to find out more of the juicy gossip from London's elite.

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