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iPhone 4 cases.

Whilst casually browsing ebay the other day I noticed there are some very snazzy accessories available for your mobile phones at very cheap prices. This is my favourite out of all the iPhone 4 cases I've seen so far. Personally I think that this design suits the white iPhones a lot more than the black ones because the colours will stand out more and look really bright on a white background. They don't look too bad on the black ones though, the colours are just a little duller.

These cases are perfect for the summer and the colours remind me of an ice lolly - but who said that had to be a bad thing? If any of your friends have summer birthdays coming up these are the perfect present, and they're cost effective! The cases on ebay are all new (unless otherwise stated) and are usually very good quality. I know a lot of people are wary about buying from ebay but 99% of the time the products arrive quickly and in good condition.

Click HERE for the best deals on these cool cases.

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  1. they are super kawaii.


  2. Aren't they? Wish I had an iPhone 4 to put in it :(


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