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Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick.

Crescendo is the sequel to the very successful novel 'Hush Hush'. Patch and Nora's story continues but there are many unexpected twists and turns right from the onset. The plot line of Crescendo is completely different to that of Hush Hush which is good as many authors run dry after one really good novel and fair to come up with more interesting material.

Crescendo draws out some threads from Hush Hush and expands and develops them, the most  prominent of which being the death of Nora's father. Was it really under 'normal' and 'human' circumstances? Was it possible that Patch was involved? Nora's quest to find out what happened to her dad and who killed him drives the plot of this novel. Unsurprisingly the fallen angels and the nephilim are heavily involved and we see the introduction of a new character: Scott. He's the loser childhood friend that Nora had forgotten about, but now he's transformed into a muscular, mysterious hunk. Ordinarily Nora would probably ignore Scott and his type, but the fact that Patch is telling her to stay away from him and that he seems to have so many secrets draws her to him. As Patch seems to draw closer to Nora's arch enemy Marcie Miller, things begin to hot up. People's relationships come under scrutiny and there are quite a lot of shocking moments when the truth is revealed. This book is easy to read and with the very exciting plot you'll just want to keep reading on and on.

There is only one thing about this book that I dislike and that is that Patch and Nora don't spend a lot of this novel together as a couple. In fact Patch isn't present in a lot of the novel, not physically at least, of course he's still on Nora's mind for nearly every second of the day. However, we are rewarded with many scenes of sexual tension between the pair some of which are better than those of the previous book.

This book is excellent in driving the plot of the series forwards and it progresses much. This book was indeed worth the wait and I sincerely hope that 'Silence' does the same. I highly recommend this book for all paranormal lovers, don't think that this is a book about 'silly little angels'. These are hardcore, bad-boy angels that have fallen from Heaven.

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