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Red Riding Hood.

I was quite excited to see this movie because with Catherine Hardwicke as the director, I expected it to be twilight-esque which is unusual for a fairytale. This movie is full of twists and turns and expect the unexpected because this movie had me gripping the edge of my seat in suspense the entire way through. The way that the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood is incorporated into this movie is fantastic, I was a little doubtful at the start of this movie as to what relevance this movie had to the original story, but it made it all very clear later on. Not only has this movie combined a children's story with the supernatural, the big bad wolf has moved onto bigger and better things, he is now a werewolf, but there are also elements of romance in this movie. Amanda Seyfried is an incedible actress and she plays this role well. Some may find this movie a little disturbing and perhaps gory, but on the whole it is not too frightening. I was experiencing so many different emotions whilst watching this that one would think I was bipolar. Maybe I was paying enough attention, but for me, the ending was truly one of the most suprising things. The suspense is held the entire way through as we see things through the eyes of Valerie, aka Red Riding Hood, as she tries to figure out which person living in her village is the wolf.

This is Little Red Riding Hood with a twist. Don't miss out.

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  1. I saw Red Riding Hood a few weeks ago and I thought it was brilliant! It was a better romance than horror, but I loved the mystery to the whole movie. . .

  2. excellent! I've been wondering about this one... it hits cinemas in Spain today! I'll have to check it out then :o)


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