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Pirates of the Caribbean Nail Varnish?

My first thought on hearing the O.P.I had teamed up with Disney to create a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Nail Varnish collection was What The F***? So I love nail varnish AND I love Pirates of the Caribbean, so on the other hand I was also quite excited but still, the two don't really seem to go together well in my head. They don't even wear any nail polish in Pirates of the Caribbean! So O.P.I is a well known and a very good nail polish brand and the colours are lovely, but apart from the names of the different colours, what is it about them that makes them even vaguely related to 'Pirates of the Caribbean'? Just from looking at the colours above I don't think pirate, I think feminine, but maybe that's just me. Pirates of the Caribbean? Good. Nail polish? Good. But how on earth are the two linked in this range? Not seeing it to be honest. I'll probably buying the whole range anyway because I am rather liking the colours and the labels and Pirates of the Caribbean (i.e. Johnny Depp) related, but it's not really what I expected from a Pirates of the Caribbean Nail Varnish range. The idea is great but I don't think that O.P.I and Disney did as well as they could have done to make this more pirate or caribbean related. Still... pretty cool stuff.

Available in May from O.P.I Salons and http://www.leanwhite.co.uk/ at a steep price of £10.50 each.

Pirates of the Caribbean - On Strange Tides to be released in Summer 2011, trailer out now.

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