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How Do You Know?

I saw this movie a while back when I was in New York and I have to say I was not impressed. I believe it was Reese Witherspoon's first film where she played a serious role and to be honest I think she should stick to playing the 'stupid blonde girls', it's much more her style. By that, I do not mean that she is a stupid blonde girl, but I think those roles are more suited to her because she's just so good at playing them. Even though it was quite late at night when I saw this movie, I don't think it was the lack of sleep or the supreme comfiness of the seat that was making me drowsy. I did not see the point of this movie, there was a lot of moving backwards and forwards but I didn't feel like the story was actually progressing or going anywhere. I was quite suprised because with four notable actors I expected a really good film. Essentially the story is about a young woman who is dropped from her soft-ball team and is facing a mid-life crisis whilst in the middle of a love-triangle. This movie does have it's ups though, Owen Wilson's character's ignorance is probably the most amusing thing about this movie and there are some cute, typical rom-com scenes between Witherspoon and Rudd. If you've nothing better to do on a rainy day then sure, go ahead and watch this, but if I'm perfectly honest, I wouldn't waste your money.

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