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M.A.C.'s New Collection.

How cool is M.A.C.'s new Wonder Woman collection?! Ok, so maybe the it's the concept of Wonder Woman make-up that is cool because frankly this packaging is looking a little childish. I think that this range of new products will mostly appeal to the teenage demographic, such as myself, rather than the more sophisticated women that can actually afford M.A.C. make-up. Now I'm certain that the make-up itself is great, I mean, it is M.A.C., but to which market are they pitching these products? I'll admit to being slightly frivolous with money, so I'll probably be lured into buying some of this range later on, but I doubt that it'll tempt those fashionistas who usually ooze that air of 'Look at my flawless skin'. Would they really be seen holding 'Wonder Woman' make-up? Now that I think about it, M.A.C. has had some rather interesting collections. There was a Disney venom themed range, a Hello Kitty range, and a Barbie range. I, personally, think that they're great. Ok, so maybe Helly Kitty was a bit weird, but the juxtaposition of 'Disney' and 'venom' was awesome, but will others think the same? I'll be recommending these products to my friends, but for those of you who are looking for a little more, class, should i say (?) then look below:  

Look at how chic and beautifully simple this range is. When I think of M.A.C. these are the products that spring to mind, not iconic superhero Wonder Woman, but we'll see how they sell.

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  1. i totally agree
    i will probably get a lipstick even though i have no money :\ loool
    great blog though :) x
    mantenso xx


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