Not a book or a film review this time, but something completely different! I recently took part in a campaign to try this new product, Arla Protein, a yoghurt that comes in a variety of flavours with 20g of protein per pot! 

I go to the gym regularly, pretty much everyday of the week, and recently I've started drinking protein shakes after my workouts to help repair my muscles etc. The problem is that the great tasting protein shakes, such as those sold by Protein World, are expensive and this is where Arla really helped me. I'm a student so money is always tight. I find it really hard to be healthy and keep my fitness on track whilst keeping a tight budget so it's great that in one pot of Arla protein you get 20g of protein for really low price. What's more, it's available in Tesco so you can make it part of your weekly shop instead of ordering it in. 

Taste-wise, I was afraid that it would be obvious this was a product stuffed with protein, but surprisingly it pretty much tastes like any normal yoghurt. I tried the raspberry flavour yoghurt and it was really full of flavours, though quite a bit thicker than normal yoghurt. It wasn't really runny but I happen to like my yoghurt like that and I would say the consistency is similar to that of Greek yoghurt. Even though it's fat free, it's still fairly sweet and tasty, unlike many other fat-free yoghurts I have tried, so that's a huge plus. 

The pot is really rather large, possibly slightly too large, but I found that I was completely full and satisfied after this pot of yoghurt and it was enough to keep me going until dinner.  It took me quite a while to get through the pot and I was spooning it into my mouth whilst absent mindedly reading a magazine. I'm not sure I'd be able to just sit down and eat a whole pot of this as it is larger than the average yoghurt pot. The fact that you have to eat it slowly also helps you stay fuller for longer, which is an added bonus. 

I can't say whether or not the Arla Protein helped me in my fitness goals really as there are so many other factors to consider in my diet and workout, which were constantly changing, but I can safely say that this is a tasty post-workout snack that keeps you feeling full for a long time. Given that it's fat free (yes, completely fat free), I assume that there's very little chance of weight gain, or of this product being detrimental to those trying to keep the calories down. I must say that the amount of protein gained from such a small pot is simply extraordinary. 

Prior to this campaign I probably wouldn't have bothered with such a product, but now I think that I will be buying Arla more regularly and having it after my workout instead of a post-workout protein shake as it's a lot cheaper, quicker and easier. All in all, this is a must have product for regular gym bunnies who need something to refuel after a tough workout. 

Available in Tescos, £1.25 per pot.

*I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

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  1. great review ! Wednesday was fab , here the link of my post :

    1. Thanks! It was a really good event :) Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Wish they these here in the Netherlands, I love yoghurt and 20 grams of protein is just a plus (some days I struggling with reaching 120 grams of protein)

    1. Wow 120 seems like an awful lot, why are you trying to consume that much protein? But yes, these pots are really great and it's such an easy way to get protein without having to resort to shakes!

  3. So lovely to meet you on Wednesday - love your post. Couldn't agree with you more on the flavour side of things and so healthy for you too. Keep up with your fitness - much more determined than i am to hit the gym everyday! x

  4. I probably ought to add more protein to my diet, and this seems to be an easy and simple way to do it!


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