I Promise - A unique Valentine's Day gift!

'I Promise'

It's less than a week until Valentine's day and I'm willing to be that over 50% of people won't have bought their someone special anything at all. Most people are probably planning on making a last minute dash to Tesco to buy some flowers, a box of chocolates, or maybe even some saucy underwear, but why not do something different this year? Give a promise. I Promise is a nifty little idea that involves you giving a little envelope full of 'promise' cards to your special someone.

How does it work?
Simply go to I Promise's website (ipromise.to) and select 'Make yours'. Choose from either 3 promises, 5 promises or 10 promises. Pick the colour of your envelope, either navy or red, and then off you go! For each of your cards you can either pick a ready-made promise or write one of your own. You can also change the little icon picture on each card so that each one is different. You'll also get an extra card at the start so you personalise these little cards even more with you and your partner's names. Once you've done that - voila! Select your delivery option and the cards will be on their way to you.

My thoughts 
Firstly, I was incredibly impressed with the delivery speed of these little cards. As Valentine's day is drawing closer and closer, you'll need something with a speedy delivery time to ensure your loved one doesn't miss out. My cards arrived within 24 hours of ordering them which surprised me greatly and there was nothing lacking in their quality despite their speed of arrival.

I ordered 10 cards choosing to write personal messages on some and pick some pre-written ones as well. There's a wide variety to inspire you on the website ranging from really sweet promises, to rather naughty ones. I was slightly disappointed that there weren't more icons to choose from to put on each card alongside my message, but those that they had all fitted in with the theme of this gift. To give you a few examples, some of mine include:

"I promise to do 'that thing' you've always wanted"
"I promise to 'forget' my underwear"
"I promise you're the only one for me"

These cards are so easy to make, in fact, the entire process must've taken me less than five minutes and yet here I am with the perfect (personalised) present! Each card is made from a sort of watercolour card so there's nothing flimsy about these little sheets which are really cleverly crafted. The envelope itself is also really neat with two different sides, one addressed to your special someone with a little note explaining what these are, and the cards on the other.

All in all, I was really impressed with cards and I would love to receive something like this for Valentine's Day. Just a little bit more thought goes into these cards than a generic box of chocolates so if you're stumped for ideas, why not give these a go? 

For 3 promises - £9.50
For 5 promises - £14.50
For 10 promises - £18.50

*These cards were received free of charge in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Ooooh these are so very cute and totally awesome! :D
    I just hope you didn't promise anything you might regret ;P


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