FILM REVIEW: Inception


I cannot believe it has taken me this long to get round to watching Inception I finally succumbed to the hype and can confirm that it was 100% deserved. Inception is a cleverly crafted film that will blow you away with its star studded (and very talented) cast, stunning CGI and mind boggling plot.

A whole host of famous actors star in Inception from Leonardo do Caprio to Tom Hardy to Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Ellen Page. I don't think I can fault a single move or sound that came from these actors who all gave flawless performances. I cannot pinpoint which character or actor stood out the most to me because they were all equally brilliant. Leonardo di Caprio is probably the actor who got to show the greatest spread of emotion and showcase different sides to his acting as his character is involved in a love story. This story permeates throughout the entire film, though rather strangely, few other characters are involved in it at all. This addition to the story just gave the film a little extra something and added an emotional level to this cool-as-a-cucumber film.

I do not think I have ever seen a film with such stunning CGI effects. Hats off to whoever was in control of the effects because they were truly brilliant and breathtaking at times. Inception deals with dreams within dreams (sometimes dreams within dreams within dreams!), in which the subconscious is allowed to create whatever world it desires and the cities created in this film were simply amazing whether it be a modern Western city, a Japanese city or even a ski slope. If only it were possible to fold a city in half with roads replacing the sky. It was not only the CGI used to create the scenery that was impressive, but also the effects used during the action sequences. There were plenty of fights during this movie, most, but not all, involving gunfire and the fluidity of the on screen action was astounding. This is not ordinary action though, in one case there was even a fight when the gravity had been switched off and ceiling became floor and vice versa multiple times. It was just so ... cool! James Bond has nothing on these guys.

Alongside the brilliant CGI effects there was really great cinematography. Now I don't really know anything about filming or the technical side of film-making but it's impossible not to notice the fluidity between shots and the capturing of perfect angles. There's also a really great soundtrack which just gives this film that extra umpf and makes everything more dramatic and tense. This film will not only play with your mind, but also your senses as you're assaulting by an array of brilliant sights and sounds.

All in all, Inception is undoubtedly one of the best films of the decade and I don't think I can fault it in anyway. I rarely give 5 star ratings, but Inception truly deserves it. This is a must see film for everyone that will keep you entertained for every second.

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  1. I absolutely loved Inception! It was perfect and I've been wanting to re-watch it a lot lately...I think I'll take this post as a sign to do it hahaha :)
    I also like how much it messes with your mind! The first time I watched it I didn't understand the ending very well so I'll have to pay more attention this time!

    1. Isn't it amazing?! Yeah I really want to rewatch it too to see if I understand it any better this time round - it's so mind-boggling!

  2. I watched the movie a while ago, but I loved it! I'm still not exactly sure what happened at the end, but I love that they leave the audience to decide what happened.

    1. I loved it too! It definitely deserves all the hype. Yeah the ending was pretty neat! I want to know more though D:


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