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Bracco's waist trimmer.

Looking for a way to trim your waist without ANY extra effort? Then look no further!

I've always thought that products like this waist trimmer were just a way of conning people desperate for a better body out of their money, but having tried Bracco's waist trimmer and seeing the benefits, I have changed my mind. This waist trimmer is designed to give you a 'slimmer image' by making you sweat any excess water from your abdominal area. The tight neoprene material keeps in your body heat and insulates the area that it covers thereby making you sweat in just those areas.

The belt is about a metre long and the whole thing fit around me one and a half times (I'm around a size 10/12). You use velcro to secure the belt so you can make it tighter/looser and make yourself really comfortable. This also means that this belt is suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. The velcro is really strong so there's no risk of the belt coming undone or becoming looser when you're wearing it. The neoprene material reminds me of the material that yoga mats are made from but much thinner and more flexible.

It fits very snugly around your middle area and within a few minutes of wearing it you will start to feel noticeably warmer around your waist. As neoprene is a form of rubber I expected it to feel cold on my skin for a while, but it immediately started to absorb my body's warmth and insulate my stomach area. When I first received the belt I wore it under my clothes just as I was going about my day to day business at home and although I wasn't doing that much moving around, there was a fine layer of sweat underneath the belt when I removed it.

I wore this belt under my clothes when I went to an hour long zumba class which is where I really saw what this belt can do. As I was wearing this belt around my waist there was a little strip of skin between the belt and the top of my trousers that wasn't covered by any sort of sweat-absorbing sports gear and you could tell. There was a strip around the bottom of my tshirt that was completely drenched in sweat by the end of my class (disgusting, I know). The outside of the trimmer was completely dry as the sweat cannot permeate the neoprene material but when I took it off and saw the inside I was really shocked. My stomach area that was under the waist trimmer was covered in little beads of sweat, as was the belt and since I'm not a very sweaty person usually I can confirm that this was all the belt's work. Despite this, I still wasn't convinced that this would 'trim' my waist, but I woke up the following morning and waist was noticeably thinner. Given that I had eaten a pretty large amount of food the previous evening I was seriously impressed with this belt.

All in all, I would highly recommend this waist trimmer for anyone who's looking for a more streamlined middle without any effort and little cost. You can wear this belt whilst doing any form of exercise, be it yoga, sit ups, zumba, running and you barely notice that you're wearing it. The material is very flexible and will bend and stretch with your body without getting any looser so you don't have to worry about it falling off mid-exercising or anything embarrassing like that. However, I wouldn't particularly recommend wearing the waist trimmer under tight clothing, unless you like looking a bit square. I was amazed that this belt works even when you're just sitting around and not actually exercising, but it really does. I think I will wear this belt all the time when I'm at home and when I go to the gym - this is my new sporting must-have!

Find this belt on Amazon HERE.

Bracco's knee support.

Being a very active person, my knees occasionally give me a bit of trouble, especially if I do a lot of running. I've never really bothered with any sort of support because I've always assumed that they'll be useless and won't actually be able to support my knee. Knees are very complicated and it's quite hard to figure where exactly the problem is with them, hence, finding a solution or suitable support is very difficult, but the Bracco knee support actually seems to do the job.

This knee support is great because it doesn't hinder your running in any way which was one of my top concerns. It fits snugly just underneath your knee cap and it's the thick layer of padding around the front that supports your knee. The velcro sticks to the blue outer material so you can adjust the support to make it as tight/loose as you want making this perfect for people of any size. The velcro did not come off or become any looser during my run, nor did the support slip down my leg and it was stuck firmly in place for the duration of my exercise. The support is made from a water absorbent material so it works just the same, rain or shine (or if you have sweaty kneees?).

I've gone for a run several times this week to test this product out and so far so good! I have absolutely no knee ache, pain or strain. I'm definitely going to keep wearing this support when I do any strenuous or lengthy amounts of exercise because it seems to be doing it's job and either way, it's a psychological reassurance to have this on my knee.

The only real problem I see with this support is that after just a few uses, the material to which the velcro sticks has started to fray a bit. For the moment this hasn't caused any problems and the velcro still sticks just fine but I am a little worried that after further use, the velcro may not be able to grip as well as it does now which is what brought this product down from five to four stars.

At only £6.20, this is a very cheap product which does it's job well. I would highly recommend this to people who exercise a lot but experience knee pain as this will help give your knee the support it knee-ds (sorry, couldn't resist the pun!)

Find this support on Amazon  HERE.

**These products were provided by Comfytopia in exchange for an honest review.

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