So recently I discovered this new iPhone app, GottaFlo, which I think is set to become one of the biggest photo sharing apps available from the app store. You might be thinking that you've tried apps that are similar to this before but, trust me, GottaFlo is going to be different. Never has it been easier to find the content that you're looking for and find likeminded people. On GottaFlo's explore page, the most popular tags have already been laid out for you and you're just one touch away from all your favourite content. From #food to #fashion to #beauty to #ask to #selfie to #diy, it's got all your favourite searches ready at your fingertips. My favourite tab is probably the 'Latest' tab, because you can discover the randomest things that you probably would not have found otherwise.

It's so easy to upload content to GottaFlo, be it from your camera, your photo library, or from the internet! There's a built in websearch button giving you access to photos across the internet that you can upload and share. Fangirling about the latest City of Bones movie? Upload a photo of Jace, make him look even more mysterious with an effect or too, add some text (yes, you can add text!), frame him, and voila. Perfect Jace for you and your followers. Not only can you add effects, text and borders, but there's also a toggle so you can change the lighting of your pics making them absolutely perfect. The good thing about this is that there aren't just too options - light/dark, but you can actually change the lighting gradually so that it really is perfect!

Have you ever bought an outfit, brought it home and then wondered whether or not to return it? Yes? Well, me too! So I posted a photo of me in the dress in question to GottaFlo, added #ask, and boom! Loads of responses. (I'm keeping the dress by the way ;) ) It's quite hard to find a quick enough response when you're hunting for the perfect outfit and your friends aren't replying, but with GottaFlo, you'll have loads of fashion-savvy users coming to the rescue!

It's still in the testing stages so there's likely to be a design change coming soon with new colours and new features. GottaFlo is moving fast and becoming bigger and better with each passing week. The great thing about this app is that the app developers actually listen to what you have to say. Think something could be improved? Drop them a line and they'll actually take your opinion into account. At the moment there are still a few kinks that are being worked through but within the next two weeks all these problems should be resolved, but if you find any whilst testing this app out, let me know!

To celebrate the birth of GottaFlo, there'll be a contest coming soon and the winner will be the person who posts the most popular Flo so if you want to jump on the bandwagon and get a headstart, then join me as a beta tester and start posting content now! Since there aren't that many users on the app right now, your chances of winning have never been better. There are lots of contests and other prizes up for grabs over the next few weeks so don't miss out!

So, download GottaFlo onto your iPhone and give it a try! Let me know what you think of the app and if you've got any suggestions on how to improve it then let me know and I'll pass them on and you could see your ideas put into practice! I've already seen some of my ideas being taken on board and I can't wait to see how this app develops.

*This post was sponsored by GottaFlo in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. Great review on Gotta Flo..."Gotta check it out!"

  2. Love hearing about these new and upcoming apps.


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