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Calling all Downton Abbey fans.

Now this doesn't really fit into any of the categories that I usually review, but I just thought it was so brilliant that I'd share it with everyone! Two of my really good friends spent the last summer creating a series called 'Dollshouse Downton'. They basically retell the story of Downton Abbey using Sylvanian Families (remember these from when you were a kid?), but in a funny way. It's a sort of spoof, but I don't think that this word really describes what this video's all about - it's not designed to mock the series. 

I've never actually watched Downton Abbey myself but I still found these videos highly amusing and now I know the what the gist of Downton Abbey is. This video is so good, in my opinion, that I think I'm actually going to start watching Downton Abbey myself! 

The girls who made it are the ultimate Downton fans and they really put a lot of time and effort into this mini series, so please watch it! These videos aren't long and they really are very very funny. 

Having only been posted to youtube two days ago, these videos have received much attention, and today, they are featured on the guardian's homepage! CLICK for Dollshouse Downton in the Guardian.  

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