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Recognise many of these faces? Nope, didn't think so.

Waterloo Road returned to our screens earlier tonight with Series 7 'Spring Term'. The first thing that I don't understand is why they didn't just call it 'Series 8 Autumn Term' since the autumn term has actually just started for students in London and given that there are so many new characters have been introduced it should really be a separate series from the last.

I actually missed the first ten minutes of this episode, but the first thing that struck me was that the whole vibe of the show has completely changed. There are numerous new characters, including a new headmaster, which was very unexpected since I had no idea that Karen was leaving the show (maybe I missed something important?) and you can definitely feel the loss of Mr. Meade's presence.

What I loved was that Grantley was still up to his old tricks and his character is just pure comedy. Waterloo Road still gives me that feeling of being incredibly  privileged and it reminds me of how lucky I am to have a stable home and always have food on the table. What I dislike, is that some Waterloo Road episodes are just out-of-this-world unrealistic. The dramas are really odd, unusual, unexpected, weird, interesting, over-exaggerated, disturbing and shocking all in one! The latest episode particularly disturbed me as they were skirting around a very morbid topic and I was quite horrified by some of the actions of the staff and students at certain points. The theme of the episode was possibly one of the most screwed up things I've ever seen.

There's a new gang of Muslims in town and it's actually like an Asian invasion hit Waterloo Road because suddenly they're everywhere! Now a bit of integration between races is good and diverse and everything, but this is just... too much. The new gang doesn't even look they're teenagers! The only new character who I like so far is the new drama teacher - because he's hot! I didn't like the headmaster at first because he has quite an unlikeable character but I don't think he was setting teachers a very good example by trying to strangle someone in his first episode.

So far, I'm thoroughly unimpressed by the new series of Waterloo Road. Everything's new and everything's different - and not in a good way. I desperately hope that things pick up soon as I really enjoyed the last series. If you're a fan of Waterloo Road then I recommend you continue watching as there could be some interesting things in store; however, I must warn you, that there have been major alterations to the Waterloo Road that we all knew and loved.

Favourite quote: 'It's a fire hazard.' 'Don't start any fires!'


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